Joining from abroad - Sponsor?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by RoosterZA, Apr 21, 2013.

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  1. Hi gents,

    South African here, I wish to join the Army but have hit a snag in my application process, I need a sponsor. Can you guys advise on why a sponsor is needed? I assume this is for lodging between training etc?

    Anyhow, let me know, would also not mind if any volunteers would be able to assist me with my application by sponsoring me?




    EDIT: I just found out that the sponsor is there only to facilitate communication and confirmation of identity between the application / VISA holder and the government. OK, well, if anyone is willing, please let me know! :smile:
  2. I would suggest there are probably criteria for whom can sponsor you, ie "confirmation of identity" is quite possible meant to mean someone who knows you rather than some random bloke of the internet.....

    I think it might be a case of "read the small print"

  3. I'd think its a case of "I don't know anyone in the UK and now my dreams of joining the BA are fucked."
  4. Any relatives of relatives ? or even try getting here first on an employment visa and try when in UK
  5. Yea that's probably one way of doing it, I could try a 6 month Visitor's Visa but from what I hear selection is 8-9 months?
  6. But that might be long enough to find a sponsor........
    You really need to get the official definition of what makes an acceptable sponsor from the recruiters
  7. Send me £5,000 in cash and I will sponsor you?
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  8. 4 grand and I will pretend I know you and you're a good bloke, even a relative.
  9. Hah, comedians, had a good laugh.
  10. OK here we go.

    "You MUST have a UK sponsor, who knows you and is willing to sponsor you. We will be contacting them for confirmation before your application can proceed.

    ‘You are required to have a person in the UK who knows you and is willing to act as your sponsor and be a point of contact whilst you are completing the application process in the UK. You must provide your sponsors full name and address. An e-mail address and/or telephone number will not be sufficient. You do not have to be accommodated by your sponsor, however, if your sponsor is not accommodating you, you must provide an address of where you will be staying for the duration, you must travel to the UK with sufficient money to cover your food, travel and accommodation for the duration of your application. Current guidelines recommend that you have at least £500 per month and be prepared to accommodate yourself for at least 4-6 months. This is merely a guideline; there is no guarantee that you will be enlisted; we cannot always foresee the issues that can cause delays. You should be aware that we will contact your sponsor at some stage during your application process; they will have 4 weeks in which to reply to our letter."

    So thats about 3000 pounds, 6 weeks, and a bloke I can trust to respond to them in the meanwhile.
  11. I'm trustworthy.
  12. There is a small catch in there "You MUST have a UK sponsor, who knows you and is willing to sponsor you."
  13. You won't buy much for £500 a month, you'd be lucky to cover rent with that.
  14. Figure about 75 pounds a week in a flatshare should be fine, seems that you need to budget for about 6 months stay in the UK, Visitors Visa should cover that at least (6 months).
  15. If you're any level of a badged sports coach, cricket, rugby perhaps, you might perhaps consider taking up a junior coaching post ( for pea-nuts, obviously) with a club over here. Could well tick quite a few boxes.

    Old Rat