Joining for EOD - RE or RLC?

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Crab_wise, Feb 1, 2008.

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  1. After talking to a careers advisor today I got the impression that most Ordinance Disposal is done by the Royal Logistics Corps. Until now I was set on joining 33 Regiment Royal Engineers without realising EOD was also an RLC job. After reading around I still don't see the key differences between the job of 11 EOD RLC and 33 EOD RE.

    What is the difference in EOD done by the Royal Engineers and Royal Logistics?
  2. Sappers are a far better class of Gentlemen, so said the King!

    So it's 33 EOD then!
  3. There are many threads on here about this, but they invariably end up in a RE v RLC slagging match. I'm not going to do that here.


    EOD in the RLC is performed by Ammunition Technicians (AT) and Ammuniton Technical Officers (ATO) - these are specific trades in the RLC.
    The AT/ATO is taught about ammo and its effects as part of their course. The trade itself is not all about EOD, there are various other ammo tasks involved - some of it quite tedious.

    EOD in the UK is done to support the police. The RLC are normally the first port of call, mainly because most taskings fall under their remit. The RLC are remitted to conduct all Improvised Explosive Device Disposal (IEDD) (i.e terorrist or criminal bombs) they are also responsible for clearing land service items (grenades, mortars, artillery shells etc). This may also include Chemical Munitions.

    The AT/ATO also undertakes other specialist tasks which cannot be discussed on here, but which are very interesting.

    Are responsible for clearing enemy air dropped munitions and for clearing large areas that may be littered with munitions.

    The RAF (British Air delivered weapons) and Navy (anything below the high water mark) are also involved.
  4. You could be correct, but my nice badge (see avatar) is far nicer than your boring bomb. :p
  5. If the procedure goes peat tong, you still get the flash and bang, all you hope, is you can count it in at least 10 second intervals, not in milli seconds!
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  6. Join the RE.

    I love my trade, but i am embarressed by the RLC. There are often rumours that the AT trade will move across to the RE and i wish it would happen.

    If you select the AT trade you will do ammo and that is it. It is very difficult to transfer out of trade and many other opportunities are limited. At least in the RE you will get a bash at many things and have a multitude of different skill sets.

    Whichever one you choose, just remember it will be many years before you are a BDO or No1 Operator making the decisions on the ground.
  7. If you need to ask which one, I suggest you would probably be happier as a Sapper.
  8. Thanks for the info - clears that up a lot.
  9. Bear in mind you can also get another trade such as Brickie, chippy, sparkie et al and also go EOD in the Sappers.........
  10. Cant believe after all the slagging you finally admit to wanting to be a sapper.
  11. Can't blame him, hey.
  12. Lesser of two evils 8O
  13. join the R.L.C. as a driver.
    then try and go for a number 2 operator in 11 E.O.D. if you like it transfer
    to be an AT.
  14. Thats terrible advice.
  15. at least he she will get a look into life with the A.Ts