Joining (Few Questions)

This is my first post, since joining. I'm currently trying to join the TA, in the 7 Rifles.
Waiting for my medical to go through, then go through my last few interviews and selection.

I've been working on fitness for a while and have even gone to the local barracks to join in a PT session with the 7 Rifles.
My 1.5 mile run time is at 13:10 at the moment. I've heard so many conflicting reports for the time required. All I want to know is what time do I need to run it in, to pass selection?
I can also do 50 situps and 50 press ups in 2 minutes each.

I am also hoping to go on to become an assault pioneer. I've been told there are places available at 7 Rifles for that.
My other question is that if I go on to become an assailt pionner, can I keep my Rifles cap badge?

Can't wait to get going with training. Sat in on a couple of lessons, including one on the GPMG the other night.

For infantry I believe it's 12:30, but after training it's under 10:30 (not sure how long into or after training it is). I seen lads pass on my selection weekend with a time of 11 minutes. If it's recruit selection weekend you should be fine as long as you're under the benchmark, only 40 odd seconds to shave off your time. (I'd recommend getting it under 10:30 though)
I am hoping to doing it in under 10. I get up to having about 600 metres left and then my legs just die. Aerobically i'm fit enough, just need to run some longer distances, to build up the stamina in my legs.
I get to that stage by about 8 minutes. Once i've boosted my stamina it should bring the time down drastically. Hopefully.
For selection, you NEED 12:45. But bare in mind that does neither look good, nor give you the best chance on getting on the next tsc1 if places are limited.

Press ups and sit ups you will not do until your CIC at Catterick. you will however be tested on your Jerry can carry and powerbag lift during both RSW and on your output tests (tsc6)

Expect to also do your run again at some other point between 1-9 where you will be expected to improve, and when it really counts is CIC, where it has to be 10:30 or you get sent back home.

My tip for the run time is intervals, helped me from 11:30 down to 9:20.
Page 11 on there has a decent program to follow.

Either way mate, best of luck! hope this is of some use :albino:
Wtf is tsc 1 and tsc 6? I imagine you mean TSC(A) weekends 1-6.

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Thanks Ben. I'll have a good read of that!
I already do some sprint interval training. I am also doing some Tabata training, which is brutal, but great for anearobic fitness.
I am also planning on doing some short tabs soon as well.

My only problem is that I am currently moving house, so am well busy at the moment.

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