joining either ta or 609 sqn reserves

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by whitecliffsofdover, Sep 6, 2006.

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  1. :D hi guys/dolls new to the forum i hope someone can please help me with my q the first one is i've recently applied on info about joing the rlc in lincoin ta unit as i woudnt mind a getting a trade ie driving stores etc! i only have provis at mo could i still get a driving trade or stores maybe .
    q2.! is the army test my maths aint all tht cleaver english very good !is the test hard and would it hamper me not been good at maths getting in tht reg!
    q3.i've also applied to 609 sqn raf leeming to join the reserves there either as gunner or stores !
    again my q if anyone can help is what is the test like to join the raf reserves again as mentiond not very good at maths english good would i be let in ?
    also i'm 35 resonabley fit need to improve <fit of tht beer gut >lol
    also worried would tht hamper my chances also !
    q4 realibilition of offenders act also im worried if this will stop me joing as i have a few 1 unspent con how would tht affect me !
    again any help very much appriciated.

    many thanks........
  2. Reference your English which you say is very good, are you joking me because based on what I've seen so far, no disrespect, it isn't all that good at all?! The TA exam is rather old fashioned with arithmetic and word comprehension. E.g. dog is to kennel as bat is to........... wicket, boundary, ball, crease - select as appropriate. The RAF test is a little trickier and the English side of things deals with verbal reasoning and the ability to extract relevant information from text. It is very similar to the test you undertake if you're trying to join the police.

    With regards your conviction, it all depends on the severity of what you did and the punishment you were awarded.
  3. This has to be a wah! If not I'd go for the RAF reserves mate, please!
  4. Noooo!!! He wants to be a driver or storeman, (or at least I think that is what he wrote), RLC would be a logical choice. :D :D :D
  5. WAH!!!! Has to be!!
  6. he is in chat right now.Seems genuine

  7. Er... um.... i thought the answer would have been "belfry"?

    Or maybe "batcave". 8O

  8. dog is to kennel as bat is to........... wicket, boundary, ball, crease

    Well done, you're recruited son!!
  9. many thanks for your construtive comments reagrding what to join ,also what the army and raf test involves. will stop using short txt no it pissess folk off for which i do oppologise!! i'd say my english is average .

    again many thanks for the negative and positive views.

    many thanks. :oops: