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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by unkle, Jul 17, 2005.

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  1. Hello there.

    Planning to join EFI after Xmas and do a 6 month tour, Ive started going down the Gym to improve my fitness (too much Herforder you see) and just wonder what tips and pearls of wisdom any of you can give me??

    Im expecting to be sent to Iraq as they are quite short of EFI/Naafi staff.

    Much appreciated.
  2. Oh my God. enjoy working in a shop in a warzone!!!!
  3. Make sure that every transaction you do ends with the phrase " sorry mate, I've got no change, I'll have to owe you".

    That way after your six monther ( think of the war stories ) you will have earned more than the Queen.

    EFI - I fukcin shiite 'em.
  4. Be fair, the phrase was, "We've got no coins, I'll have to give you the change in Coke."
  5. Sorry, I nearly choked on my hobnob. It's illegal to use the word 'EFI' and 'fitness' in the same paragraph. Best you spend the time till xmas gorging on pasties & doughnuts. That way you'll fit (squeeze) in nicely with the other EFI bloaters. (smiley emoticon doesn't work)
  6. i thought the selection process involed selecting ugly women and fat blokes .Though when i was out there the efi bloke got involved in a very nasty incident on a supply run so its totaly risk free ginster pasty high enviorment efi work in.