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Hi All,

I am currently in the joining process and looking at roles that blend plenty of combat with a technical side as well. Comm Sys Op has been mentioned as something to look at but there is limited information online about how these operate.

From what I understand, Com Sys Ops are attached to regular and armoured infantry units to provide comms support, but how much combat will they actually see? Is it a case of the infantry go first and they bring up the rear? Or do they genuinely get stuck in?

I know there is scope to do the Special forces communicator course and attach to various special forces units, but the same question applies. Do the members of 18 Sig have the opportunity to get stuck in with the lads? Or is it more of a supporting role?

If anyone else has any other suggestions about roles I should take a look at then I would really appreciate hearing from them as well.

Thanks for taking the time to have a look at this thread.


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Anyway to answer your question: the main job of a signaller is to link your immediate commander with the next level up. If you are attached to a battalion, then your job will be to ensure that the battalion can talk to the brigade (and so on). All jobs are important and if the Army has trained you as a signaller it's because it needs someone to do that specific job. If you want to "get stuck in" then go Infantry.


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It is a far easier trade than Infantry, higher pay scale you normally do not get piss wet and grovel around like a cockroach, happy days.
Thanks for your input gents, that's helpful.

Have you got any infantry regiment recommendations? I've heard that the rifles are busy at the moment...

Wheres good to be?
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