Joining Commandos, Para or 4/73 Bty

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by huntley, Jan 26, 2012.

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  1. Hi,

    Wondering if someone could let me know if anyone in the RA can volunteer for the Commandos, Para or 4/73 Bty or is it only specific jobs?

    for instance the information about Artillery Observers on the Army Website say you can for that job but can say A Unmanned aircraft operator?

    Any help is appreciated

  2. Last I heard you can do each course back to back with a weekend off in-between, sort of a 'suck and see' affair, fucks your knees though.
  3. Naaa mate! you have to have already completed all 3 courses beforing joining the army aswell as the imfamous "TA underwtaer knife fighting course"
  4. Huntley,

    Send a PM to the user called "Cuddles" as he used to be in 266 Bty* and passed the course* before making Colonel*.

    * none of those statements are true
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  5. You can volunteer for any of the above courses at any time,However you would then be expected to serve in one of the para/commando units or 4/73 Bty if you pass said course.
  6. also they are all very demanding courses! if you want to be in the forces get yourself to phase 1 first. pic a job within the gunners (the FST's sound like theyd suit you) and as you progress through training assess yourself and how your performing!

    if your doing well carry on to one of these units! if you decide to go to a gun regiment that dont have any badges dont be disapointed as the lads from all the places (bar 4/73) carry out exactly the same job
  7. **** that, Huntley pick a career stream and stick to it, phase1, phase2, Cdo/para/4/73, if you hang about in any of the other regiments you run the risk of getting nice and comfy, you'll potentially be at your fittest post phase2 and will still be 'regimented' and fairly well administrated, strike whilst the iron is hot so to speak.
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  8. Good advice CV5. The AACC can seem like back to basic after a few years in a normal regt, which adds additional pressure to the already demanding course, if you dont have the correct attitude.
  9. to be fair i am very comfy
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  10. All RA soldiers are trained to the same level 1 standard, that is RA Communicators and Drivers, which makes them employable anywhere, however if you follow a particular career stream (UAV) then you may have to re-train.

    If UAV floats your boat then 16 Air Assault Bde have a MUAV Bty (21) so you can have the option to do UAV and P Company

    If you decide 4/73 then the OP Selection Course will give a specialist trade, but thats Observer not UAV

    29 Commando at the moment have no UAV capability, but you never know what the future will bring