Joining chosen regiment

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by adamb, Nov 14, 2008.

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  1. After you pass ITC do you get posted to wherever your chosen regiment is currently at as soon as you finish? or do you get a certain amount of time leave after ITC? Im going for Queens Divison, 2 R Anglian & also wanted to know, when do you get your beret? and does the first beret you get have your chosen regiment cap badge on it? One more question, i have to attend the 2 weeks course before i start ITC so im doing 28 weeks rather than 26 weeks, do you get issued kit earlier and do the medical earlier or do you wait the 2 weeks until the rest of the recruits come? These are genuine questions and none of that wah crap everybody goes on about, thanks :)
  2. Depends what regt you are joining and depends on commitments etc. You may find yourself on leave for a weeks or so, but its unlikely. More likely to go straight to Bn.
  3. Thanks for that, anybody got answers to the other questions? thanks.