Joining British Army, want advice from soldiers or ex soldiers?

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Hi people I have got a few questions for serving soldiers or people who have served. I know you probably cant be bothered answering all this but any help will be very helpfull, thanks:)

1.)Well I want to join the British Army, I have done for a long time.
I just wanted to know what day to day life is like? Do soldiers generally like been soldiers or do a lot of people think they want to do it and regret it once they're committed? I just wanted advice about this as the thing I am most worried about is been stuck for 4 years if i hate it.

2.)I am from north west of England but live in Ireland now but would like to join a regiment from the north west, what regiment would that be? and is it possible to join that one if I am living in Ireland?

3.)I have always wanted to join the infantry but I do want to learn a trade aswel so I have a good job for outside the army, is there any trade or job you can suggest that will give me a front line role but also help me in civilian life?

4.)and finally I dont know excactly what my eyesight is, I will go and get it checked soon so I know for sure but I have got a lazy left eye and eyesight in that eye is useless not very good at all, I know the left eye isnt as important as the right eye in the army, can someone just tell me in general if the army is overly strict about this or if the eyetest is overly hard or if it's not likely to be a problem

Thanks for reading.

Have a dig through this forum and the other forums specific to infantry or the Corps. This info is out here for you to browse at your leisure and I would recommend having a good look at the Army facebook pages too. -Disco
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