Joining back up???

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by down_wind, Jan 23, 2009.

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  1. I am giving serious consideration to signing up again, I was previously in the infantry for 6 yrs and have been out for 6, although im not gonna do the infantry thing this time round. What Id like to know is how or even if the army has changed which I think it might of, in what way has it changed, as in the normal day to day stuff, and working relations between lower and senior ranks, that kind of thing. Obviously I know the operational involvement has gone through the roof, how does this really affect a blokes life in the army. I have a few thoughts and more on these matters but would like to hear from lads who been in a few years to give me their opinion, cheers in advance.
  2. How did the dog handler thing go?
  3. Things are still the same, if you didn't like it last time, what makes you think you'll like it this time? judging by your post you left in around 2003/2004 so you'll understand the operational committments?? If you are going to apply to re-join do it sooner rather than later. There are lots of people out there who are now considering the Army who 6 months ago wouldn't have given us a thought!

  4. Went well mate, smashed the fitness coming in front of guards and paras, and I liked what I saw down there so its all good so far. Ive just been hearing rumours that "its not the same anymore" blahblahblah.

    And reference to the REMF who said I didnt like it first time round, I ******* loved most of it, I left for personal reasons rather than professional, so just wind ur neck in a little before u start choppsing off cheers "REMF"
  5. Oooo Temper Temper

    Have you come on here for some advice as Gunner_REMF was doing or

    to tell us how great you are.
    With an attitude like that you aren't going to get many replies.
  6. Ok maybe I was a bit snappy there, wasnt in the best of moods when i wrote that, and yes I am on here for advice I just felt Gunner_REMF wasnt exactly being helpful or giving advice, and no to second question it was just something I felt rather pleased with myself about as it was a result I wasnt expecting..