Joining back up after nine years

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by FixITSol, Apr 1, 2012.

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  1. Hi there this is my first post but hey got to start some place,
    I served in the RA and was medically discharged in 2003. after trying a few different jobs/careers out in civvy street i am seriously thinking about re-enlisting ! only issue i have is i am not 100 % i will be able to go back in Army due to the M,Discharge nine years ago.
    I am currently training to lose the excess pounds i have put on over the years lost quite a bit and only got a bit left to go so will be at the right weight to start the applications process, but I am wondering am I wasting my time applying anyone with advise who i can ask to get a straight answer, I tried Manning records in glasgow but they could not help????

  2. Never mind Glasgow or any of those recruiting places, you've came to the right place. As far as I'm concerned you've every chance of getting in. In fact, can you start on Monday?
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  3. please_make_it_stop_medium.jpg
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  4. As long as you can manage 1.5 miles in less than 30 minutes and you have never bunked the train, accepted the dole or suffer with '**** ear' then I think I speak for everyone here when I say 'welcome aboard son'.

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  5. [serious hat on] go see the TA unit and ask them.... [serious hat off] maybe not worry about shedding the extra pounds, you don't want to turn up and be the black sheep straight away.
  6. You can only try, your previous experience in the forces may be a plus point. I have know people in the past re enlist successfully after leaving.

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  7. To the OP It all depends on what chapter/code you were MD'd under, if you take your discharge docs/red book with you they should be able to tell you there and then if you can rejoin.

  8. is that mentally or physicaly?
  9. thanks for the replies, my local TA centre enlistment SGT has said they will take me once i get down to 79kg.
    But After speaking with a SAFFA Friend he is under the impression i won't be eccepted back in, my MD cause of leaving in my red book says QR 1975 9.385 - CEASING TO FULFIL ARMY MEDICAL STANDARDS, which after digging around on this site suggests that is Medically Unfit under Existing Standards. which mean i am more likely to be able to get in if I am right on the understanding???
  10. 100% mentally ready 60% physically ready i reckon
  11. got to say this site is amazing lots of info on pretty much everything i need to know, cheers
  12. Last two feck!n stone won't budge currently doing 1 - 2 hours cardio each day, on various exercise equipment in gym.
    Also started intermittent fasting this week, only seem to be going down a pound a week.
    What does everyone else do to cut their weight down??

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  14. Go buy some Orlistat which might help, blocks lard when you eat and if your beasting yourself it might help you shift a few more pounds. You might want to get your diet checked out and you might be overtraining.
  15. You haven't mentioned the "condition" that forced your discharge. Did you continually fail to meet physical requirements, did you have something that has been cured or were you just an admin clusterfuck?