Joining Aussie Army????

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by OOMPALOOMPA, Feb 16, 2007.

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  1. Can anybody give me info on joining the aussies. Cheers.
  2. yeah - follow my tracer!!

    from memory you need to be a sergeant or above with a trade that the aussies need. There were pommy corporals on my basic with me, they did not have to finish their basic just had to do a qual on the steyr.

    all the info is on this site though, also be worth trying the Kiwi army, they have lots of Brits in them. Aussies love the pommy soldiers, the army tries to distance themselves from the Brits, but the soldiers themselves have a lot of respect for UK soldiers, and they have a lot of the same techniques etc.
  4. do the aussies use the steyr AUG then???

    think its the ugliest assault rifle out there
  5. chris

    you'll find its more reliable than the A2 you're using in trg!
  6. yeah, they use the steyr. I have not had a massive amount of experience with it. But they all seem be happy with its reliability etc, and I have had no problems except when firing blanks, stoppages. Very easy to strip etc and pretty accurate.
  7. Any Idea on age limits?
  8. Basicly there are 2 methods of joining.

    1. Apply to transfer through the High Commision, I understand that there are 70 visas a year 35 for officers 35 for OR's which really means SNCO's unless you have something very special to offer (your botty love isn't that I'm told).

    2. Emigate, this can take upto 2 years and you need to gain the required points or marry an Aussie. Either can be expensive. Then you can apply to join the military and wait between 6-18 months for "paperwork".

    I went version 2 and a mate of mine went version 1 (without botty love).

    To answer the origional question between 18 and 55, yes there are 55 year olds who try, I was on interviews with one, just a more in depth medical - funny old thing.

    Hope this helps anything else I'll try to be more useful.
  9. go to aussie army website

    look at recruiting (overseas applicants)

    email the Sgt with your details
    He'll email you with the application forms.

    send completed forms with accompanying copies of certificates etc back to Canberra

    Interviews are held in London in July - then after interview it will take 12-18 months to process you

    you need to be a SNCO / WO or Capt or above.

  10. I had a mate who did the interview over the phone. Have they stopped this now?
  11. Im simply giving you the info that I personnaly received this week

    if your mate has done it differently to me then, all power to his elbow
  12. Woohoo someone said Kiwi Army...the best there is. Well I think so anyway
  13. come on then Kiwi - presude me to go maori instead of abo!

    whats the big diff between NZ and Aus?
  14. differences between Kiwi and Aussie army? Where do I start?

    1. Kiwis are better at everything (esp rugby...and cricket)
    2. Kiwis have cooler looking camo (and more effective)
    3. kiwis have a better sas then aussies (NZSAS kicks SASR ass anyday)
    4. Kiwis are good at making up terrible lists (a lot like this one)
    5. Kiwis hardly get to see any action, other then in SAS :thumbdown:
    and thats about all I can think of...Kiwi for life :thumright:

    Oh and, you can get put into the army after likea 5 minutes internet survey...its really awesome. And maori are the best...we were awesome as trackers and "hearts and minds" lads in Malaysia