Joining at 30 ???

I've just turned 30 & was thinking of joining the Infantry. I have kept in reasonable shape & was was wondering if people think I would be kidding myself to think I could have a good career after signing up so late?.

Also, since the age limit was raised has there been many older lads that have joined?
Yes me. I'm not quite as old as you though. I will be 27 by the time I go for training and 28 by the time I finish.

Have they told you your good to go at 30? I'm a bit confused as they said I was just on the edge of being too old for infantry.
That gives me a bit more confidence then. Finishing top recruit would be great, but I'd just be happy to pass out. I'll have to get cracking on my fitness then

Soldier.a; ... The recruiter had no problem with my age. Just said work on your fitness & everything should be fine
I'd look at other Corps and Regiments too. I joined up with guys who were 28 and 29, both going to the Int Corps. Why not get a trade, makes sense especially considering your age.
No drama's signing up at that age.A good friend of mine completed his basics for the Royal marines at 30,as with anyone joining teeth arms its just about showing a bit of grit and determination.And as has been said already,having a bit of maturity can go a surprisingly long way (or short way if you are a cnuting bore!).Just be prepared to take orders from lads a lot younger than you on unit,as they have probably already walked the walk.
from what i see though is at 30 could you handle someone like me at 23 having done 7 yrs and being picked up for my Cpl tellin you what to do??

the 16-17 yr olds get on with it however with your life experience you may feel you deserve some more respect... rare however i've had it!
Being told what to do by younger lads doesn't bother me in the slightest. I wouldn't expect it any other way. Because I have wasted the last 10 years in going from job to job I am already experiencing the younger ones giving me orders lol

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