Joining at 26

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by cpt.ic3man, Apr 15, 2011.

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  1. I've applied for the army. Hoping 2 become a gunner. But a slight concern if I'm 2 old to join. I'm 26 and I've only worked 4 a supermarket since leaving school at 16.

    Wat should I do?
  2. Maximum age is between 30-32 I believe, so you hould be ok. Guessing if your fit enough and show you really want it, I'm sure you will be fine. Don't this as gospel though I'm still waiting to join haha.

    Also I wouldn't use too much text language as you will get a hard time about it.

  3. Thanks Yeah. I used text talk in another post.
  4. Yeah not saying you can't but some people will give you grief.

  5. The maximum age for joining was raised to 33 a few years ago. As long as your fitness is up to scratch (and I can honestly say I was at my fittest and fastest at around 28 to 32 years of age) then you'll have no problems.

    Re the text speak. It's not a mobile phone, it's a chat site. If you want people to understand what you are talking about, it's bad manners to use chavvy talk as they can't get what you are trying to say the first time around. Oh, and we were using what you newbies call "textspeak" over 40 years ago when comms on teleprinters and morse were the in thing. CUL8R (at least 70 years old, I'm led to believe).
  6. Heff: Your a fine one to talk about text type chat. Have a look at the post above. I'm assuming your favourite colour is grass? Have you passed your BARB test yet?
  7. Can't see any shorten words there?
    Although I have missed two words and a letter off a word. Will have to make sure I proof read all my posts.

    I wasn't having ago, I was just trying to help him out, next time I won't bother.

    Don't know what your getting at with the favourite colour business?

    No, I have not passed my BARB test, but I can see no problem in passing it.

  8. I joined at 24. My knees wish I'd joined at 19, but otherwise everything has been fine.I might even get my first tape soon!
  9. One of my best mates in the Army joined at 28. He does better Phys wise than a lot of the younger guys. If you want to do it, do it. Don't let anything get in your way. The past is the past.

    Good luck!
  10. Thanks guys. I'm sitting my barb test on Monday. So cross fingers I get the job I'm going in for.
  11. I made a post asking about enlisting at my age, but I was basically insulted twice and the thread locked. Ho hum.

    It's nice to know I am not the only one who's on the 'wrong' side of 25 (I turn 28 at the end of June) and looking to enlist. I'm hoping that I can get my application posted by the end of this year.
  12. Good. Be sure to let us know how you get on. If you don't try you will never know. LRJ aren't you Rachael (sp?) from another thread?
  13. I sat my barb test early. Medical report now. Cross fingers.
  14. i joined at 25 thought i was old but wouldn't you know it one guy in my section was 31, went to phase 2 and had a lad of 32. got to my unit and my room mate is 33 and only joined a few weeks before me.
    i wont mention the 31 yr old was a bit crap at weapons drills, or the 32 yr old couldn't get his head round computers and that the 33 yr old is trying everything to leave. so join now before you hit 30 and everything goes down hill.