Joining at 25 and Family Against It?

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I'm 24 and have decided that I want to join the Army. I have read up on it and am going to the Careers Office this week. When I was 18 I went through the process but got knocked back at the end after I ended up getting into trouble with the cops.

I haven't been in any trouble for 4 years now and have an OK job but for the last while I've been thinking about the Army again and want to go for it. My family don't like the idea and think I would be going backwards but it's what I want to do.

What I want to know is 25 (assume it will take a few months if i get it) too old to be joining? Would there be many lads joining at my age and do they get treated any differently in training? Is it better to be joining a bit later?

I do have a criminal record from when I was younger but haven't been in trouble in years so I am hoping this won't be a problem now?

And the last thing is that if you are joining or were joining were your family against it and were you able to convince them that it was a good career instead of them looking down at it
Just get it done, if the family don't like it tell them to poke it. It's your life.

Oh..........and standby for incoming.
I agree, I don't regret joining in the slightest and would recommend it to anyone.

As for you're "okay" job, you may well have skills from your job that are transferable to the military which could help you excel. As for your age, you are by no means too old. You will be in the older tier through training, but keep your head in the right place and you'll be respected for having a more mature attitude.

Stuff your family, you go for it!

Best of luck!
I joined at 22 and never regretted it. I thought about it for sometime and realised if I did'nt try it I would always wonder what it would have been like. Bringing a degree of maturity and life skills with you cannot but help. Do it or you will regret it. Life is not a rehersal this is it, probably one of the more important things I learnt in my 15 years in the Army.
As with many of these post that mention " in trouble with the cops"

It's very much dependant on what you've done.

Go and ask you never know
Not too old at all, just expect to be treated like a kid during basic and for the first year or so. Also choose a trade that gives you transferable skills (as FBG says) so that when you become a civvy again (it will happen) you at least have a fighting chance.

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Thanks for the encouragement. With it being Christmas and the New Year i was thinking about will I be doing the same stuff this time next year and maybe it's time to do what I want to do. It's like in those ads where they have people doing boring jobs and thinking about doing something a bit more exciting. Like I said this has been at the back of my mind for ages. I know I shouldn't worry too much about what others think but I know they will be against it. I think the fact that i still live at home makes it harder but probably time I got out anyway. I'm sure it takes a while to get used to be treated like a kid again but that's probably the same for everybody but it wouldn't be for too long anyway
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