Joining at 17?



Just wanted to get some advice i could pass on.

I went to my first pre-selection assesment tonight and met a lad (17) whos looking to join the Engineers (same as me). Hes going on what i think is a "look at life" course for a week this Monday but he seems to think its selection.

I really just want to know if selection for under 18s is a week long or if hes got it wrong. Ive already pointed him in the direction of Arrse to do a bit of research and i was going to start banging out the advice there and then but didnt want give out a false one (given im 27 and may be walking a different path). He doesnt seem to have too much idea about trade etc so i cant help thinking he may be getting mis-informed along the way.

All info constructive or otherwise greatly recieved :p
Hey jimuk we had 16 year old's at adsc selection. its the same for everyone. :)


Mind if i PM you the details, he's a good lad, hes running the 1.5 in 11ish but just seems mis-informed?
Alright then lets be havin them. :)
if i could give him advice i'd say if its time to join its time to join..

i joined at 17 with no guidance and the glorious Corps led me to the sun!!

loads of people make the error of joining, some the error of never joining and even if he is mis-guided he can now have a say on his career!!

Good luck to him and i can honestly say if i'd left it til even my 20's i'd never of joined

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