Joining at 16?

I am currently 15 (16 on the 30th) and am eligible to send off my application form so i did this online yesterday. Joining the army is something i really want to do but i was wondering do you advise on joining at 16 or do you think this is to young?
No, theirs loads of us who joined at 16, and lots who joined at 15, so go for it.
You are never too young, just read the Army web pages and get info on what you want to join. At your age the Army Foundation College will be your first port of call . . .
I am waiting for a call from the afco what will usually happen will they just tell me about the army and make me come back at 16 or will i actually have to do any interviews & tests etc?
Go for it son, On your first leave back you will look at the mongs you went to school with sitting around street corners pi55ed up on white lighting & dope & you will know you made the right move. Good luck.

If you only completed the Online Application today it will take a few days to be uploaded to your nearest AFCO / ACIO.
Once they have received it they will contact you and call you in for an informal chat where they should tell you all about the Army and the opportunities available.
It is helpful, though not compulsory, if you already know a bit about the Army and a possible trade that you wish to follow.
After the first initial informal chat you will be invited back on a more formal basis and then take the BARB test. The time it takes will depend on your age, your availability and opportunites available.
It has it's plus points and negatives. I mean, you really do have to be sure about it. If you plan to make a career out of it, it's good to get training done, just after you left school. Instead of being out of school for a few years and becoming a lazy student, then you'll probably be worse than you would have been if you joined right after you left school.

I joined just when i turned 17, I'm glad i done it. For you there is no rush at all, nothing wrong with a bit of life experiance before you go in by holding off a few years.

Sounds a bit contradictory, and it is, but depends on what type of person you are.
ok i have just looked into the afc is this where all people who join my age go?, also do you get to choose what regiment/corps you go into or are you simply posted to one, sorry about all the questions.
I was in school on the friday and in the mob on the monday.Do it mate.Some will say ''live a bit first'' but what are you going to miss if you join up at 16 instead of later?.You will have money in your back pocket,loads of like minded mates and have a few stories for your mates when get home on leave.
I joined at 16 and spent a fantastic 13 years in green. Do it is all I can say. You will earn more than your mates who either choose to do nothing, or go to college\uni. By the time they have graduated you will have more life experience than 10 of them rolled up and be debt free (unless you are an idiot of course) to perhaps do uni later, but chances are you will be very employable from the word go.
Georgee said:
ok i have just looked into the afc is this where all people who join my age go?, also do you get to choose what regiment/corps you go into or are you simply posted to one, sorry about all the questions.
This is where the majority of people your age will start off - it is a very good stepping stone to starting your military career. You will choose your trade & cap badge prior to starting - this will be done during your AFCO / ACIO visits.
The odd 16 yr ends up going through the ATR system. Generally all enjoy it and do not regret their decision. However Bassingborne or Harrogate are the places to get to.

My advice: Do it - no matter how it works out you will be better for it.
hi georgee im 17 and also applied online, after i applied online my local AFCO didnt contact me i just got another application sent to me in the post, a more in detail one, once i filled this in i contacted my local AFCO and let them know the situation and they booked me in for a B.A.R.B test, on the same day as i had the B.A.R.B test they gave me a medical form to take to my doctors to fill in and send off, asoon as the results of your basic medical come back you will have your 1st interview which is just making your 3 job choices, then i had my second interview the weekafter which is with a senior officer, i think and he will ask you questions about your three job choices like, how long training is and where it is, and what lifes like at home....if you pass that interview you will be sent for selection a couple of weeks after, this is where you will stop over night at your local Army Development and Selection Center have physical and medical tests, really easy to pass selection if you have prepared, out of 40 pf us only 2 didnt pass and they was differed for 3 months just because they was too quite, dont forget that if your under 18 you will need your parents conscent, i did my selection in december 7th and PASSED :D and start my training at Catterick March 11th, really looking frward to it, do you have any idea yet of what you want to join, dont worry if you dont your recruiting officer will help you find something right for you,,,, GOOD LUCK !!!
Go for it mate. I'm joining at 16 and going to the RSC tomorrow. I think that Harrogate will be good experience, a good laugh and at the end if you really don't like it you can leave.

cheers for the replies i am definately going for it aslong as nothing crops up medical etc. On the online application form you have to choose 3 regiments that you would like to join, my first choice would be the staffords as i did my work experience with them and ithere pretty local to me (Birmingham) but they were not in the dropdown list, does that mean there are no positions available?
not sure i cant really remember, but you will have to choose your 3 choices again in you 1st interview, so just tell them then you want to join the staffords like me, im from walsall aint tht far from brum

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