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Good advice given by manpads. Do you also have the requisite GCSE's? A minimum of 35 ALIS points from the top 7 GCSE's which must include Maths, English Language and a science or foreign language at grade C or above
cool thanks for the advice. I was just wondering, as in the job searches on the Army website it says "you should have 240" sounded like there was room for leeway.
[h=3]Certificate of Personal Effectiveness (CoPE)[/h][TABLE="width: 1"]
[TH="class: tableheader, bgcolor: #69187F"]Grade[/TH]
[TH="class: tableheader, bgcolor: #69187F"]Tariff points[/TH]
[TD="bgcolor: #FDF2FF"]Pass[/TD]
[TD="bgcolor: #FDF2FF"]70[/TD]
Read a summary of the Certificate of Personal Effectiveness and access the full Expert Group report.

What in God's name is a Certificate of Personnel Effectiveness? You may as well have a note from your Mum: 'Oh go on, please let him in, he was such a lovely little boy'

I want to join the TA as an officer, i only have 140 ucas points, are exceptions made?
Do you have any of the following:

A cycling proficiency badge?
A membership for the Tufty Club?
A Blue Peter Badge (triple points for a Gold one)?

They will all help with entry in the TA.

Failing that, try and get really good at a sport (say maybe Tennis) and win a major Championship (something like Wimbledon) and then the Prime Minister will grant you immunity from entry standards; together with your very own Knighthood.

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