Joining as officer or soldier

Im sure theres probably pleanty of posts on this before so im sorry if this is a bit of a repost.

Im planning on joining the TA now that i am officially clear of my health issues and eligable to join.

I was going to try and join as a specialist or soldier , either way i wasnt too fussed. But after talking to a person of experience earlier he told me it may be worth trying to join as an officer as im in the process of doing an engineering based degree and shouldnt have too much trouble to get in. In his opinion by doing this it would be a much better position for me.

Im basically after some info because i havnt even considered or looked at any information on officer training and dont know if what he said would have been entirely true

opinions please :)

What are your needs....?

Career challenges put different demands on you as an individual. The task falls out of the same intent but your part in it will vary and be different. Your personal qualities will often determine the extent to which you might thrive/enjoy the life; be that as an Offr or Sldr. The team remains the same regardless of choice (this can be easy to forget at times).