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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by cavemanmufasa, Oct 31, 2011.

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  1. Afternoon/evening all,
    this is on behalf of a friend wanting to join the military on something i have no idea about and he is wanting to do research before going into his career office.

    The question is
    can you join 36 engineers as a HR searcher or 33 engineers as part of a EODteam straight off or any anything of the like? or must you do a trade first?
    so basic training,
    followed by phase 2 as combat engineer
    then search/eod or trade?

    cheers all
  2. He'd make a shit searcher if he cant use google and the ARRSE search function to find this information out himself.
  3. Im just trying to help, i dont know what he has and hasnt done, just asked me very nicely to ask about
  4. What aspect, exactly, is he interested in, because there is another option, one that's suave, full of panache, oozes sex appeal and gets you a pretty little badge. (not to mention we do over 90% of EOD).
  5. Yep, but at the end of the day you are part of the RLC :thumright: For the original poster, you can do bomb disposal as a trade in the sappers, however It would be a lot more sensible to actually get something you can use far more easily on the outside and then volunteer afterwards for EOD.
    Or as Dinger said, have a bash at his mob, the ATO crews are a good bunch.
  6. Indeed so, but "suave" and "panache?" That sounds more like a cavalry mob!
  7. My bold: Out of interest have things changed recently then? Used to be the case that you had a trade first then spec traded (???) EOD.
  8. he is under the impression you can join as a high risk searcher or EOD, at either 33 or 36 regiments or something? i dont know who he has spoken to but hey ho, im just a simple man.

    oh and he is aware of ammo tech but i dont think he has the grades.
  9. Looking at it now and chatting to recruiter; you can go straight from combat tech to EOD
    Role Finder - British Army Website