joining as as90 gunner

I was going to join as tank crewman but my colour perception wasnt good enough so i have got my 2nd choice which is royal artillery special observer, when i went down the carrers office to tlk to them about it they said that i woul join as a as90 gunner then after i have trained on the as90 then i could go on the 16 week patrols course to become a special observer failing that he said that i could spend some time on the light gun and gain experience, he also said that everyone who joins the artillery intially joins as an as90 gunner is this true?
thnx in advance for any comments
First off hes speaking balls, no not everyone joins as an AS90 gunner, I did 12 years and never touched a gun outside the buggers I had to brasso by the front gate, there are many trades to go to Phase 2 with, I dio Signals for example. If you want Special Observer then an AS90 course is as much use as a chocolate fireguard, best trade to get would be signals, please read many many threads on the Special Observer/OP Ack/OPs etc on this board

I am glad however that he told you to gert in first, DO NOT go straight to 4/73 from Phase 2, you will have a very good chance of failing, most guys on the courser are either senior Gunners or Lance Bombardiers. I did the course over 10 yrs ago as a full Bdr, there were 2 of us, plus about 5 or 6 Lance Bdr and the rest Gnrs of at least a years experience, there were a few lads of less than a year in and none of them made it past the first week of the selection phase, its nthing to do with fitness its mil skills that let them down, one of the lads was fit as feck, but could navigate out of a paperbag and his morse was shiite.

But I do have a number of concerns, why is it you feel that your eyesight is not good enough for recce but is for this role ? Also are you truely aware of what the role entails ? The course has (or at least had) a 90% fail rate of potential recruits, some courses everyone failed and the role its self is fecking hard, again there are many threads on this subject and I am not going through it again. I'm not trying to put you off, just trying to make you understand the situation.

My advice is go for OP Assistant and keep 4/73 on the back burner for a couple of years and then decide to comitit to it.
could someone tell me how easy is it to change roles when you get to your regiment?
Or you could thank Wellyhead for his info :roll:
Yep, nice one Welly. I'm reading this at 12WPM. See you at t'RV.
Sound advice Welly.

Having done time at 24 Bty in the management, there is definitely no truth in the recruiters words "All gunners join as AS90". Maybe he is a bit confused, maybe they are really short of AS90 gunners this week!

If you intend to go Special OP then a Signals background would serve you well, as it would allow to to go onto the OPs in the Regiment. As discussed elsewhere, you can join the OPs straight from phase 2, but it is unusual. Do signals, get some experience, do OPs then try for 4/73 selection (Special OPs).

As with any "special" unit, it is best to get time under your belt in the "normal" Army first before trying it. It gives you valuable experience, removes any misconceptions (some people simply find regular duties tough enough) and generally prepares you better.

Good luck.

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