Joining as an older officer questions

I've read many many threads, but still have questions.

I'm 25, have lived abroad for a year, travelled china, speak another language, have A level equivalent qualifications, and
have done 2 years at uni, but dropped out as course was a waste of time, and personally think i have more like experience than any 21 yr old graduate. I also have a internationally recognised personal training qualification.

I understand i don't get as much pay, or as fast promotions, its unfair, but that's life :)


I have been in the army before when I was 17, welsh guards as a soldier,
and was medically discharged due to a knee problem,
osgood schlatters disease... this is a problem you grow out of, therefore I got on with my life, got some experience, and now would like to reapply.

Would being medically discharged affect my selection chances for officer, combined with my age and obviously lack of

Id hope that my life experience would favour me, over a 21 year old graduate, if selection is on an individual basis.

Also considering i am 25, and i read the post about people 26+ show no commitment in joining etc...but in terms of life experience and non degree qualifications, would this favour me in the promotion aspect of things,
or is that pretty much set in stone.

I look forward to your replies.

I'm not 100% but does the "changes to officer structure" describe that the differences experienced between those with, and without, a degree are now minimised?

You need to get a move on an get an application in due to your age. Make an appointment with your area ACA for officer training. Unless you know where this is, your nearest regular ACIO will point you in the right direction.

Regards your injury / illness - part of the application to undergo AOSB involves your GP releasing your medical history to the Army. This is then reviewed by the doc at AOSB and you get one of the following:

1. medical clearance to have a pop at AOSB,
2. clearance with advisory (Involves a trip to see the GP after AOSB whilst everyone is heading to the pub, or, back to whence they came)
3, no go to AOSB, although I think this only happens if the army doc is worried that, by attempting AOSB, you will die / be broken and subsequently sue the army.

Nothing to lose by trying although you do need to getting skates on.
One other thing to take into account is that whilst your previous service will be of advantage in terms of experience, it may well prove that the gathering associated paperwork may add time to your app (compared to someone who has not served)

Any more questions drop me line - I'm also pushing the upper age limit but have AOSB briefing in the bag, meaning I attract "grandfather" rights assuming I get to RMAS by / before the May 2012 intake.

Ask the ACIO. If not, then pop along to your local TA Unit.


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I have 11 months until im 26... am i super pushed for time or is it plausible??
It's very plausible. I'm pretty sure the maximum age is 26 which gives you nearly two years to get to RMAS. I believe AOSB will also rush the process if you are close to the limit.
ahh yes of course, im being an idiot thinking it was 26h birthday! great :)
Let us know what the AFCO tell you. I thought it was the day before your 27th Birthday but others on here are saying you have to be under 26 on the first day of RMAS.

Bit of a mystery.
Your personal situation shouldn't stop you from applying, and will give you some pretty interesting stuff to talk about during your presentations and interviews. The medical discharge could be tricky, but if you are genuinely recovered (and can prove it) then odds are you can push your case.

It would help if you had a Doctor who knows you and your injury fill out your RG8 medical forms, rather than somebody doing it purely off your notes. Can't remember exactly, but I think there's space for extra comments where your doctor could provide more details. Otherwise your application will go on hold while they wait for you to prove to their satisfaction that you're fit to apply. You'll probably still get the n'th degree from the doctor at Main Board and potentially referred for examination if you pass.

The rest depends on how you come across on the boards. My AFCO told me they cut less slack for 'potential' with older candidates and look for more of a finished product as it were. I wouldn't think of your age and experience giving you an advantage as such. Make you look like 'well rounded' and all that good stuff - yes, but at the end of the day they're looking for people with the chops to be a leader in the Army regardless of age.

Best approach, get down your nearest AFCO and speak to the officer recruiter. it's what they're for after all.

Oh and watch what you put down for languages, because odds are at Main Board they'll find someone to speak it at you!
ok brilliant, ill get down there asap, not that it matters but just for clarification, is there now less of a pay gap between non grad and grad on entry, and the promotion prospects in terms of time are more or less equal?



I have 11 months until im 26... am i super pushed for time or is it plausible??
I'm 24/2 but won't graduate from university until I'm 26 (June 2013). I've got Briefing next week and part of my joining instructions state :

"You should note that from 1st May 2012 the upper age for entry onto the Regular Commissioning Course at RMAS is 26 years (exceptions apply to those who pass Main Board before 1st May 2012, Regular soldiers and applicants for some Corps)."

As far as I can tell, as long as we pass Main Board by May 2012 then I should be able to scrape an entry to Sandhurst in September 2013.
i have spoke to careers place, and it is BEFORE your 26th birthday but, there are certain officer roles exempt and the age is 29, i cant
remember them all but i know that intelligence officer and military police officer fall under the 29 age limit, so that suits me fine!

As said above, being medically discharged adds a few months of paperwork but, i want to enter intel corps so i have plenty of time, thank god! :)
There is no grad/non-grad discrimination. Pay and promotion times recently changed so you pick up a lot quicker now as a non-grad.

I have a few mates who went through RMAS aged 29 and a non-grad. They've just accepted they get paid less now to do something they enjoy. Simples.

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