Joining as an Officer after a TA Tour

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by Will90, Mar 25, 2011.

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  2. The traditional advice is to complete your education and then go, I'm sure there will still be plenty of oportunities beyond 2012.
  3. Just finish Uni and then go. I appreciate you want to get out on Ops but this is the best way.
  4. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Either the person who gave you that advise is talking drivel or you have misunderstood what was said. That said I would echo what other posters have said. Finish your degree. Amongst other things AOSB might query your decision to go on a tour as it might be viewed not the most sensible course of action. They won't question your not going.
  5. Three contemporaries of mine have done this from my old unit. One did a tour in between years and is now at RMAS. One did a tour after uni and was killed. One did a tour after uni and had lots of the muscle mass in his leg blown off and was nearly paralysed.

    Lots of other people have gone on tour and come back fine but not all of them wanted to go to RMAS afterwards.
  6. As you are in full time edumacation, you are better off completing your degree and then do a tour, then go reg as advised by other posters. At the end o the day there is still going to be HERRICK unit 2015, and you nver know what Libya holds etc.

  7. As other posters have said.

    On the other hand if it is something you need to get out of your system... why not. You may feel afterwards that you don't want to go Reg after all but are happy in the TA or even pulling the pin completely.

    ear in mnd you will have to get back in to the edumacation grove on your return. And you could find some sort of extra barrier infront of you should you go for AOSB, seeing as you have served as a Tom. ie reports from your time in Afghan.
  8. Yeah if he is a complete biff/coward. Otherwise there is not a negative in terms of AOSB.

    I just think it won't help him and there is plenty of time to go on tour
  9. I was thinking personality clash/feint praise...
  10. On the down side. Just suppose;

    You do well. You do really well. Then you come back. To what? Another year surrounded by people to whom you can nolonger relate, and who can't understand you and your newly acquired attitudes towards eg their reliability or otherwise. So the pub becomes more attractive than the work and suddenly you're looking at re-taking a year. Now you're looking at a two years delay in entry. You'll have observed from other threads how dates of birth can be a real problem if you're a candidate for Inf.

    So , for my two penn'rth. Don't give it another thought. Stay focused on the key task, which is graduation. Herrick is not going to go away just yet.
  11. To echo what has already been said, the 'traditional' way the TA should be handled is your civvy stuff first, the green stuff afterwards.

    I was in the TA whilst at uni, and it is abit shit seeing lads going on tour and your stuck doing exams, but there is a reason why your in Uni, to further your education... With that in mind, you have yet to get into your final year, and it is by far your hardest year of education, whatever the degree. You do not want your mind to be elsewhere whilst doing your final year or before you know it may comes around, your re-sitting a dissertation and paying for it.

    Therefore, my advise is to keep training with the TA, maybe even commission in the TA? then look at the Regs once you have finished your education.