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Discussion in 'Army Professionally Qualified Recruitment' started by vernah, Feb 20, 2008.

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  1. Hi all,i want to join the army as an ODP.Passed selection a few weeks ago and waiting for an interview date with the board.Got some info on the profession but feel i could use more.Read some threads about placements before joining,is this possible with the ODP as well.
  2. If you were already serving it would be a doddle to get you a placement, a placement as a civvie is a lot harder.

    So youve passed selection to join the RAMC? Have your details been passed on for you to be interviewed at the ODP selection board?
  3. vernah, FF is correct, it would be highly unlikely that you would be able to spend time in an operating theatre to get a feel of it. There are several things that would be required for example, you would be required to have an Enhanced Criminal Records Bureau Disclosure and be Occupationally Health Cleared of which being Hep B vaccinated is very important.

    Good luck with your application; when is your date for the ODP Selection Board? Top Tips... Make sure you know what ODPs do (Civilian & Military) and what the 2 year training involves and dont say 'you've always wanted to be one ever since you were a young child' and then during interview state that the 'Recruiting Officer told you about it or a friend did'!

  4. Yep passed ADSC,my recruiter is doing that so they should have a date anytime now.Guess wil just have to read more then.What really happens at the board selection.