Joining as an Engineer Troop Officer

I am 18, have just finished my A level and have known for a long time that if i didnt get the grades to go to my top uni I wanted to join. I have BBB at A level and 8+A*s at GCSE but wanted to know if it would be better to have a degree before I applied to Sandhurst to join the RE as a Troop Officer.. Any help would be great :)

Additionally it would be really helpful to have explained the usual/expected progression of jobs and activities one could expect after qualifying as a Troop Offcier in the RE.

Thanks in advance,


Most officers do have degrees but they aren't necessary. It's not necessarily the degree the army wants but the opportunity to mature and have some life experience after school. Of course you stand a perfectly good chance of getting in without and you're looking at probably a year before you could get in anyway. But it is likely they'll recommend you do something to accrue life experience etc after school.

It doesn't have to be Uni, could be something proactive instead like a job.

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