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I should start off by introducing myself, I'm from Melbourne (Australia) and I've been trying to work out what to do with myself since I finished High School (I believe it was equivalent to UK A Grade). Anyway I thought about doing a stint in the Australian Army for a while, however I am filled with dread at the thought of being posted in a fly-blown station in the desert or left to rot in Darwin (which is more than likely). When I found out that Commonwealth citizens could join the British Regulars I decided to jump at the opportunity, since I'd recieve more training, have greater chance of seeing deployment (I'm the type who wants to do something), and anywhere I would get posted would be new and exciting (Never been to the UK, or anywhere outside of Australia, Singapore and Thailand). I've already got a full collection of medical forms relating to the few minor niggles I have (the only real worry is a eustacean tube dysfuntion which prohibits me from diving or parachuting, although I'm still perfectly ok with flying as a passenger), and I've passed the PFA here (not like it's hard). I finished in the top 15th percentile of my state at the end of High School and obviously I am fluent in English so I don't think language or Education would be a problem. I've currently got my eyes on the Gunner Observation Post Assistant role, although I will do any job that I would be taken for (and I mean it). I am fully aware that I would need to travel to the UK to undergo assessment, and this is not a problem since I've been saving for a trip to Europe anyway.
My question is this: Am I a good candidate? Will my being Australian be seen as a handicap? (no rugby jokes, in my state we don't even follow it) I would imagine the fact that I am willing and able to travel half way around the world would demonstrate my committment, however I am just generally looking for advice from anyone who has been through the overseas application process, or anyone who knows anyone who has. Also, is this a good role to go for, or would I be better off applying for another with higher vacancies? (I know about the personnel difficulties the British Forces have been going through of late)
Cheers, any help would be greatly appreciated.
Welcome friend, OZ types are always of the first rank, try putting a post on the multinational forum as well,
Being an Aussie citizen is no bar at all, HM Forces still welcomes all Commonwealth subjects (citizens?). I have met Aussies, Kiwis, Canadians, South Africans, Fijians...No problems at all...(if you had voted for the Republic you might have had more trouble though!!!)

As for the worry of being posted to a fly-blown station in the desert....I think you might want to give that some more thought....a fair few of us have ended up in such places on more than a few occasions. In fact, I hear it's a possibility at the moment!!

All joking apart, the Aussies etc are usually amongst the best soldiers in the unit, so come on, join up...can be almost guarenteed you'll see active service. So if you want to use your rifle instead of just keeping it clean..this is the place!
Much appreciated guys. I've already done the overseas enquiery form, they said I'd get the application pack within 6 weeks, that was 2 weeks ago so everything should pan out nicely in the time department. And don't worry about the republican thing, I was only 11 when the referendum took place and I would have voted no. My other question is this, the ArmyJobs website says the recruiting process "could take up to 2 or 3 months", is this a normal time or is the average time shorter than that? If I turned up, said I wanted in as fast as possible and presented them with all the medical forms they might want upfront would that allow me to get in faster or is the waiting period mandatory? My only concern is that I have to support myself while I'm over there and I'm not eligible for any special kind of visa since I don't have any British grandparents (Some great-granparents from Ireland but that's too far back now, and all the French, German and Norwegian in me doesn't help much). Also, would four year's service help me with winning British Residency? If I had to guess, I'd say yes, but I'd like to know for sure.
Yeah I read that there are something like a thousand fijians in the British Armed Forces, although that was wiki and I never entirely trust their articles (except the stuff I wrote). Anyway I guess it's just a matter of waiting for them to mail me that recruiting pack.
No better job for a young chap than Gunner OP Ack.

Once you are in, and if you can handle it, 29th Regt may take you if you can pass the All Arms Commando Course.

7th RHA, the Para Gunners, won't be any good for you as they parachute and you can't.

There is also 4/173 Bty Special OPs, or any OP Ack in a "normal" Regiment is still a great job.

Why not pop a quick post into the Gunner forum for more advice?

Kind regards & good luck
Thanks mate, currently my preferences are 1. OP Assistant, 2. Infantryman, 3. Tank Crewman.
I was getting the impression that OP was hard to jump into from the start, however I'll have at least 4 years to get into it so I guess I can wait. Otherwise Tank Gunner would be good or IFV Gunner. Generally, I like the notion of being in a crew and actually using the weapons, or telling other people how to use them, either way is good. Commando gunner has a lot of appeal however I was thinking of spending a bit of time in and finding my feet before jumping in the deep(est) end.
If you PM me I can put you in touch with a mate who is two years into a three year training progreamme wtih the QAs (Army Nursing Corps) .

He is from Brisbane and joined as an Aussie citizen without British nationality.

He is doing fine and has the answers you are looking for about applying for British citzenship.
That'd be much appreciated, I'm getting the strong impression that I'll be another recruit once I fill out the forms, so it sounds like it's up to me to save the money to get over and keep organised while I'm waiting through the apps process. I'm just about to get a new, better paying job so I don't think that's going to be a problem.
Application process: Fill in your Overseas Pack, send back to Upavon for evaluation, you will need to have a sponsor address in the UK. Upavon will process your application and send onto nearest careers office to your sponsor address, they will keep you informed. Come to UK attend your local office and fill out AFCO4 application form and other forms, take the BARB test (touch screen no worries really) and basic skills numeracy/literacy. Medical forms then issued, take to your UK Doctor, then return them to careers office, they will send them off to selection centre to ensure you are fit enough to attend selection, if you are there are 2 interviews to have again at the office then on successful completion you are prepaired for selection. Selection 36 hours at an Army camp where you have a medical and various team building and physical tests, at the end you will have a further interview and if successful you will be offered a job!! You then have 15 days to accept the job.
Process can take upto 3 months but it all depends on the med wing at selection.

Any Questions PM me. Good luck.
Excellent, I know a bloke who lives in Leeds who can handle the mail aspect for me. The three months thing will be ok I just got a new, full time job with much higher pay so I will have plenty of money, and Australians between 17 and 30 can get temporary working visas so I could find some sort of menial job to help cover the costs. Medical wise, I already did the ADF medical and had to collect forms for the various things they might ask about, so unless I have developed a condition or injured myself without realising it, I'll be able to hand everything in up front.
One question: What is selection like and what do I have to do to pass?
I'm a British Army recruiter, from what you've said in the forum, you will have no immediate problems. You may have a slight niggle with the ears (I appreciate you can fly), however they may look differentely on it. I am by no means medically trained so the British Army Health Questionairre would filter that. You may also be limited to certain Career Employment Groups if we can't get security clearance for you. Go for it, it may be the best decision you make, after all, commenwealth citizens are always more than welcome. :)
Yeah I figure Para, aviation and SF will be off limits but that's alright by me. I have no problem with being an Infantryman if that's all they want me for, as I would imagine there are plenty of applicants for all the jobs I can't do (ie, the glamourous ones) it shouldn't be too much of a problem.
And I've had pressure testing done on my ears and I have the forms to prove it so I should have everything they'd want to see in the event that they're even worried.
Bonjour. Im a former UK TA reservist(with some full-time service under my belt including recent ops) Im hoping to go to WA in about a months time as Im a teacher and have a job up near Exmouth, north of Perth. Just wanted to say good luck mate & am sure you'll slot in no problems. :nemo:

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