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Discussion in 'REME' started by Wrighty28, Apr 4, 2012.

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  1. Evening chaps,

    I'm looking to join REME as an Armourer, and just seeking a bit of no bull answer's and info if you may be able to cater!

    I popped down to my local ACO and had a chat with the guys down there, and settled on joining the TA in this role. Now i was slightly torn between Regs and TA and was holding out for some advice from the recruiters before I 100% made my mind up. Basically they advised me to join TA as it makes sense to run that alongside my civvy job (Commercial Electrician). However, they then said that there will be a ceiling so to speak weapon wise which I'd be working on. GPMG being the general limit, and a slim possibility of the M2 .50cal if it ever looked like i was going to be deployed. Also that there probably isn't any Amourer jobs going locally as a TA role! I don't mind hearing that too much as 1, I'm a bit of gun nut! 2, I didn't mind joining Regs until they convinced me to join the TA as it's a better use of skills!

    I haven't herd anything from my recruiter in a few days after he said he'd call me back with local Armourer job openings so im half taking that as there arnt any in a TA role's locally! So now im looking towards Regs.

    Any advice?

    Cheers in advance!
  2. Advice for what? You seem to have told us what you want to do.

    I mean, do you want to join the TA or the Regs? It's really not hard. If you like your current job, go TA, if you don't...go Reg!

    Ta-da...consultancy fee of £65.76 will be charged to your arrse account.
  3. Whats your Paypal?

    Just after a bit of info regards to this 'ceiling' of weoponery. Been speaking to many different people and all say different things.
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  4. No point putting it in here with majority of those not ever served yet having a clue what your on about. Hopefully Disco will move it to the REME forumn where you can seek out CC_TA who would be able to give you some good advice as even though hes a war hammer freak has good knowledge about life as a armourer both TA and reg.
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  5. Do what this bloke said.
  6. I always thought being a Warhammer "freak" was a pre-requisite for the job!
  7. and the knife collection....
  8. cheers for that mate. If id mentioned i was a Millwall boy maybe you wouldnt have been as helpful! thanks none the less though! haha
  9. I have been tasked with inspecting TA units in the past and all they had was rifles. but saying that my local TA unit now have some 81's that I BG20 for them as the TA are not allowing them to hold one.
    So in short it depends on what your TA units are as to what kit they have. Both my examples were infantry coys. Also there is still a restriction on what a TA Armourer can do unless ex-regs, I believe.
  10. Try contacting Ravers as well he's done the job (ish) both RN and TA
  11. as luck would have it i got a call back and am in for a meeting after Easter leave! Happy days! its attached to a Para squadron and have been told id be gen'ed up on most things man-portable. Although the source is a bit skeptical, as it wasnt from the recruiters. would i be right in saying 100% that would cover browning HP/ Sig, Sa80a2/ UGL, LSW and GPMG? and potentially (if it ever looked like i may be deployed) Minimi, L115a3, L129a1, and extremities AT4 and Javelin? anyone shed any light? Ta
  12. Most of the above seems about right, however para's generally operate in companies not squadrons unless it's an engineer/RLC Sqn.(standing by to be corrected).
    AT4 was not mass purchased by the uk, plus it's a one shot weapon.Mostly 66mm rockets in theatre ATM.
    Not sure if the unit will have L115A3 (.338 sniper), L129A1 (sharpshooter) or Javelin TBH as they generally are quite specific to role. But if you deploy there is always a chance of maintaining them.
  13. Don't get excited about the javelin though, if it is anything beyond a handgrip you don't touch it. :)
  14. Better be bloody quick, the way it's going it'll be dead mans shoes and the wait from Cpl to WO will be 150 years.
  15. just thought about that before i logged in :lol: par checking the use by date how could I maintain a fire and forget weopon lol

    cheers for that though mate. just herd a lot of the TA guys referring to units as TA squadrons so i assumed Para would have come under that. just thinking at the moment i better up the fitness if i potentially could be attached to them lol

    suits me down to a T :)