Joining as a VM

Hi lads,

Not my sphere of expertise so I thought I'd ask those who know.

I have a nephew who wants to join up as a VM, straight forward enough you might think but problems are as follows:

18 months ago his mate was riding round on a stolen motorbike and he had a go on it. He got nicked and charged with handling stolen goods. This is now spent and I'm told that he's ok on this front.

Quals: No GCSE's. He was in hospital when the exams were supposed to be taken so ended up with nothing. He subsequently got a job and never got round to sitting them (he's 20 now).

Positives: he has C&G's in mechanicing 1,2 & 3 which he took at college under his own steam. He wants to join as a REME mechanic and nothing else.

My question therefore is simply what advice would you give? I've warned him about the selection centre and that they will try and steer him into whatever is the most undermanned whether that be blanket stacking or oiling helicopters.
The REME used to have a strict policy on a minimum amount of GCSEs, enclusing maths, english, and science, at C and above. This may have changed though?

If he has some mechanical quals it may work in his favour. I'd tell him to speak to someone in the Army Careers office, and see what they see. They may try and steer him towards inf or something, and give him the old "then transfer once you're in" spiel. I'd tell him not to accept this advice and stick to REME or nothing, as it's not guaranteed that the REME will accept him once he's in.
What he said. They may be able to use a bit of discretion due to his mech. quals.

That said, may just have to be happy with blanket stacking or oiling helicopters.
hello, as it used to stand if your other quals were equivalent to GCSE grade C standard then they were accepted, that was when GCSE's grade C were required in english, science & maths, im sure the standards are lower these days!! i was accepted with BTEC diploma as i fell short in my GCSE science.
you will get a better more up to date answer from the careers office, or hopefully someone else a little better in the know on here.

good luck
Cheers guys.

The old 'transfer once your in' bollox is the thing that concerns me, he could suddenly find himself in some god awful place in Oxfordshire counting boxes for the next three years.

I've told him to stand his ground and say respectfully but firmly "I want to join but only as a VM. I have no interest in being a storeman or infantry soldier"

Basically call their bluff to an extent and stick to his guns. Fortunately bein a touch older than most recruits he has a bit more confidence to stand his ground.

I understand that the VM trade is very undermanned so with his C&G's he might stand a chance. The quals are the dealbreaker I suspect.

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