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Joining as a TA Specialist Officer in the RMP


Can anyone help please?
I have just read the 'TA Officer' publication and pages 26-27 indicate that if one joins an INDEPENDENT UNIT then the commissioning process includes attending the TCB Briefing & TCB Main Board. However, it goes on to say that if joining a SPECIALIST UNIT (i am interested in joining the AGC as an RMP Officer. I'm a CID detective in civilian life) you attend the unit for an interview where your basic aptitude & level of education, etc is assessed before being accepted as an Officer cadet to complete the basic training.
Does this mean that if one joins a SPECIALIST TA UNIT as an officer they don't have to go through the TCB process?


War Hero

If you contact me off board via PM, I can put you in contact with the recruiters at Worthless Down. Better to get the info from the horse's mouth as it were.



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