Joining as a TA Specialist Officer in the RMP


Can anyone help please?
I have just read the 'TA Officer' publication and pages 26-27 indicate that if one joins an INDEPENDENT UNIT then the commissioning process includes attending the TCB Briefing & TCB Main Board. However, it goes on to say that if joining a SPECIALIST UNIT (i am interested in joining the AGC as an RMP Officer. I'm a CID detective in civilian life) you attend the unit for an interview where your basic aptitude & level of education, etc is assessed before being accepted as an Officer cadet to complete the basic training.
Does this mean that if one joins a SPECIALIST TA UNIT as an officer they don't have to go through the TCB process?


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Don't know about the officer bit but RMP are planning to dramatically increase size of the TA SIB (CID equivalent). Thought you might want to look into that.


What sort of copper are you? Surely if you want to find this info out there's better places to look for it than here? Ain't no one on this site going by the name of Pampas...

On a serious note (?) I thought it was only the likes of LIAG, Medics and the God-botherers who got a bye past TCB... not flat foots... I'd suggest speaking to your local unit (not much help but a better line of investigation I think)...

Now, get back to work and start catching some real criminals (like the little b*st*rds who nicked my door knocker at Christmas)...



i suspect the you will have to complete AOSB (new TCB/RCB name...all rolled into one, rather spiffy :D ). im not up to speed on the new format, i did the old system. however, if people arent doing selection boards (except PQO's) i'd be very worried.

do a search and im sure the answer will become apparent...

joining the RMP... Dont you like having friends? :p

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