Joining as a Student Nurse

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by minie_ann, Jun 25, 2009.

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  1. Hi All,

    Im new here so sorry if this subject has already been round.

    I looking at joining the army as a student nurse and would like to know more about it. I have looked at loads of articles/ postings on the web including the arms website, but would like to know from someone first hand. I went into the Army careers and advice office but they wern't too helpful as they didnt specialise in this.

    Basically, I spoke to the army guys and was informed that the application process for medical jobs are different from the application process for say a regular soldier/engineer etc. Was told there are a lot of written exams and leadership tasks that I would need to take.

    Was wondering if anyone has done this, and what I would expect when I send in my application.

    Is the selection process (as in the 1.5 mile run etc) the same as say an engineer as well as the written exams and essays you have to do?

    If anyone could help me out here. that would be great :)

    Im just wanting some advice before I put in my application as I dont know what the route is.

    Thanks all and look forward to hearing from you.
  2. Thanks Hedgehog64, I have already looked through that website. Found it quite useful but nothing is mentioned about the application and selection process.

    Has anybody been through this? As I would like to know how medical selection differs from normal selection.

    Thank again for your help
  3. Walk into any ACIO/AFCO and start the process to join the regular Army as a student Nurse.

    You will go through the same process as anyone joining, suitable checks, barb, basic skills, ADSC etc.

    Once you have completed ADSC and gained a provisional pass for student nurse you will do a visit with them to have a look, then you will be invited to the Nurse selection board where you will once again go through a selection process.

    If you pass that you will go to phase one then off to Uni.

    Be warned though Student Nurse is very sought after and the competition is high.

    Hope this helps
  4. Thank Avre, that is really useful.

    I take it that you are some kind of medical person in the army.

    Quick question, if I was to pass the first selections (BARB, basic skills etc) and then went onto the second selection for student nurse and failed, would I be told I cant join the army even if I was to pass the first part? Or would I be able to join as something else? Student nurse is what I would like to do, but if they think I am not suitable, I would be happy joining another skill within the army.

    Do they allow this?

  5. Id guess you would be required to put down 3 job choices when you apply. With Nurse as ya 1st one of course. Then if you dont meet the standard for ya 1st choice, 2nd and 3rd would be options ya could follow. Just a guess really but going to a careers office and talking to the army people there should be ya 1st step hun :)
  6. Cheers Smiler_1985, I did go into the army careers office to ask for advice/ info and they basically didnt want to help me. Litterally they printed off the exact same thing on the website which I had already read. Never gave me any literture to read although the lads sitting next to me asking about army life were given booklets etc. Kinda annoyed me.

    Told me that they dont get many girls coming into the office to ask about the army. I didnt think that was much of an excuse as I thought they could at least tell me about the selection when I asked but that was too much effort and he got up to make himself a drink.

    Im going to go to a different careers office and see if they can help.

    What is it that you do then Smiler_1985? I need to think off another couple of options incase I dont get the job I would like.
  7. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    Train as a civvy, join, do 3 weeks "vicars and tarts" at Sandhurst, come out as a Lt.

    Better career, better pay, better pension in less years, better accomodation, easier entry.
  8. "Vicars and Tarts"?

    Problem with training as a civvy is I would incur uni fees which if Im being honest are quite expensive.

    I thought only officers trained at Sandhurst, people with degrees.
  9. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    If you qualify in certain specialist roles, priest, nurse, lawyer, dentist etc then instead of doing the full Sandhurst course there is a short form of about a month which teaches "professional" officers just enough to not embarrass themselves at a mess dinner.

    Because it includes those heading for the Chaplain's Dept. and some qualified nurses it is known as "vicars and tarts" or sometimes the "knife and fork course" as you learn which silverware to use.
  10. Fair enough. I thought that you had to have a degree to become an officer and go to sandhurst though. If I did my degree first however, that would be another 3 years of putting off the army until I graduate. Ive been thinking of joining for a few years now, but not really had the bottle to do it, but im thinking of putting in my application maybe the end of the year, so that will give me enough time to train up and get myself to a good fitness level so then I wouldnt die at basic.
  11. msr

    msr LE

    Is there a TA medical unit near to your Uni?

  12. Hi MSR,

    I dont go to a uni, ive thought about it to train as a nurse, but ive saw that you can do this through the army which appeals to be big time.

    Im guessing that I would not be able to join as an officer if I dont have a degree, so I would be joining as a soldier in that case.