Joining as a Soldier with a Degree.

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by CURFCno5, Dec 29, 2011.

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  1. Hi, All.

    Have searched through the site to death, but am yet to find a post which relates to my question.

    I am about to finish a degree in Law and History and I'm looking to join the Royal Tank Regiment or the Royal Military Police as a Soldier, first preference being RMP. My recruiter has spoken at length with me as to why I don't want to apply for RMAS and look at Officer entry. In short, I wanted to join the Army at age 18 (as a Soldier, same regiments as above) but was persuaded by my parents to go to Uni and look at my options then. It's now four years on and I still want to do the same as i did at age 18.

    Basically, my question is: How common is it to find soldiers with degrees? Will my degree help me in my career as a Soldier?

    Thanks in advance for the replies, happy to answer more questions if you've got them.
  2. L/CPL Monkey LLB(Hons) has a certain ring to it.
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  3. Lots and lots of soldiers have degrees, you will not be anything special
  4. How many in the Monkeys though?
  5. Most of my soldiers have degrees or at least went to University. You'll be fine.
  6. Cheers, albeit sarcastic, it has helped. My mates that are Soldiers and the ex Service lads I play rugby with said they hadn't met anyone with a degree as a Soldier, but I did find the Graduate Soldier leaflet on the Army Careers website helpful.
  7. Loads of the ones I work with have a degree. It really is nothing special nowadays
  8. Well, lots of people in the world and in the Army have degrees. It doesn't make you anything special as you appear to think it will. What will make you special is your continual boasting that you have a degree.

    Your choice of RMP seems to suit you well as you do need a "look at me" and a "me me me" attitude.
  9. Sign of a f*cked economy I suppose.
  10. Wasn't considering myself anything special, just wanted to know how common it is, and now I do!
  11. Why don't you apply for a commisson and see how you go?
  12. Debated with the idea for the past year. Currently, I don't quite think I have what the AOSB will be looking for - and I know I might never find out unless I try but I never intended to go to Uni and but for my going to Uni I would never have considered applying for RMAS. Think if I join as a Soldier I have the next 7 years to see if I can get a commission from there if I'm suitable.
  13. Put in for a Commission, as you are risking nothing by trying or can't you enter a corps that will set you up with a few skills for the future. To be blunt, RMP are generally regarded as t*ts.
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  14. A degree displays a certain level of intelligence. Apparently, as well as intelligence, officers have leadership skills - the two do not go hand in hand which is why there are so many soldiers with degrees (and officers without one).

    A degree will not hold you back and will put you in a good position to go for a commission a bit later if you decide to go that route.

    Not all RMP are tits, however, Bushmills is right, you get no skills to take out to civilian life, other than management, leadership, investigative etc if that is the way you want to go later on.
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  15. There is 3 soldiers with degrees in my intake at phase 2 RMP. There aren't as rare as you think they are.
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