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Discussion in 'Royal Air Force' started by Red Bull, Nov 17, 2012.

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  1. Hey, first post.

    I've just come out of Royal Marine training so my fitness is pretty high. I am looking at the possibility of joining the RAF as a medic, in the hope of eventually becoming a paramedic on civvie street when I'm done serving. I found a bit of information on the RAF website but I was hoping someone with more experience could help answer my questions.

    To become a medic what initial training do you need, is it the airmen training (9 weeks?). After that, how likely is it to be able to get on to a medic course and where are you likely to be based (are there only certain bases that run the course?).

    I have good GCSE's so I'm sure there won't be an issue there.

  2. I opted out
  3. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm.


  4. Do you have any information about becoming an RAF medic?

  5. Just like the Army - Airman first, medic second - as with any 'trade specialisation'.

    AAMOI, why the Flying Corps? You'd certainly get the opportunity for a whole lot more practice applying your 'medic' skills in the Army than you ever would in the RFC.

    It's not called the Royal Chair Force for nothin', y'know.

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  6. I'm pissed off with this post already, and I haven't even had my 'wake up, tac, it's 2012 already' meds yet.

    Why not use the initiative you had to use to get out of the RM by going to the local RAF Careers Office?

  7. Thanks. Do you know where what base you train at for the medic course? I can't find that information anywhere.

    If I'm honest, I think I made the wrong choice with the marines and going down the infantry route. I'd like to become a medic primarily and not an infrantry soldier. It seams to me that joining the army as a medic would mean just that. Am I wrong?

    To be honest I don't know a lot about other services. I always looked at the marines and so I only really know how they work.
  8. Easy to see why they 'let you go'. Not exactly a feckin' great communicator, are you?

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  9. I'm going to go to the AFCO. I'm working Monday-Saturday next week though so can't until the following week. I'm just trying to get as much information as i can at the moment. I've searched around online and on the RAF website, and now coming to a military forum for experienced advice seamed a good idea.
  10. You can enhance your chances with a DIY sex change.
  11. Thanks for your advice. You talk from experience?
  12. So why would the RAF want a failed Bootneck?
    May be they would think you would fail their selection too!
  13. I'm sure that's for them to decide. I came here asking for some information, if you don't have that then what are you doing here.
  14. But i'm not some one who "opted out" am i smart arse!
    Opt out/drop out same thing really and what you going to tell the RAF?
    The RAF will contact CTCRM to find out more about you what will they find?
    Oh if you dont tell them & then are found out it will be goodbye!!!!