joining as a geographical engineer, a Terrain Analyst

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by JstJake, Jun 5, 2006.

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  1. yeah i'm just looking for some knowladge on this trade from the inside as all i have are the breifs ect....but yeah if anyone can tell me about what it's like'd be very welcome...

  2. They are all GEEKS :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
  3. I think you'll find when it comes to getting out of a TAB most infantry soldiers all of a sudden become terrain specialists ha ha
  4. One lives in Harry Potter land, the other lot are nothing but a bunch of mud muppets...

    Oh yes, and they are pretty geeky... (says an ex-C3S op!)
  5. i get called a geek alot, so i guess i've found my army home lmao

    but seriously, i drink far to much beer to be called a geek!
  6. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Come on gents - any sensible advice for this thread?
  7. I'm with the geo geeks now(attached) and they think they are the cream of the crop, they do not like mainstream engineers. but if you are joining up from civi street then go for it, you'll be a sgt in 5 years.
  8. sounds fun, i'm just at college at the moment though...

    can anyone give a reason why they think they are the best lol?
  9. 'cos they're geeks and they need to make themselves feel better!
  10. lol, sounds like the next 22ish years of my life will be great then!
  11. Go for any trade with fast promotion and a high pay band!
  12. so is this one a good idea?
  13. Join as a 'geek' and you'll be on the higher pay band as well as having an opportunity to get a foundation degree whilst do your geek training. Suggest you speak to a careers office for the real gen.
  14. I'm coming to the end of 22 as a "Geo Geek" though not a Terrain Analyst. I've served in Germany, Falklands, Kuwait, Cyprus, Bosnia etc. and as a trade instructor. Wherever the Army go then there will be a det of us.

    Joee is correct in that you can get a Foundation Degree from the training and you will certainly get the chance to see the world and map it.

    As for saying that we're the best, most don't say it but we are taken from the top 3% of RE intakes...

    Good Luck

    PS. You'll still have to qualify as a Combat Engineer before attempting a Geo course
  15. All RE trades are higher pay band. If you wanna fly through the ranks and make a career, get a proper trade, construction, electrical or mechanical and if you're good enough (a geek) you can go Clerk of Works when reccommended for Cpl. at the end of the course you become a SSgt, 6 years later a WO2, then WO1 and very easily officer by selection. Thats career advice. Fitters Rule.