Joining as a foreigner volunteer (not common wealth)


Hey guys,

I'm a Lithuanian national (EU), been living in England for about 9 years since I was 17, love the country want to do my bit for it and also become a soldier. I will apply for a British passport soon, until then, I want to join the reserves and train on weekends or evenings while I work. I've been down the recruiting office about a year ago, and I remember one officer mentioning, that it is possible to join without pay and volunteer without a British passport, seeing if anyone could confirm this.

Can't go down the recruiting office at the moment, I'm doing an internship in Germany, still got 3 months to go before I'm back. Thanks in advance.
I would not think so.

Be patient and wait for the British passport. A friend of mine who is German did a PhD that put him in high demand with certain people but, first he had to get a British passport. He is happily employed now.

Good luck.
Yes you can, as long as you can satisfy you've been residing here for over 5 years, which shouldn't be hard seeing as how you state you've been here 9.

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