Joining as a driver in the RLC

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Pacha, Aug 17, 2009.

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  1. Pacha

    Pacha Crow

    I've recently applied to join the army as a driver in the RLC, and I was wondering if I am succesful which regiments are available for me to join after my phase 1 training.. cheers.
  2. danielsan

    danielsan War Hero

    Which ever one your sent to .... ooh the agony of choice :D
  3. Lc63

    Lc63 Old-Salt

    Recently applied to join the RLC as a driver ?
    You and however many else my friend. I'd focus
    More on getting in and getting a confirmed start
    Date before thinking regiments. Nice to see you doing
    The research though
  4. Pacha

    Pacha Crow

    Thanks for the reply. It's just I have my interview with the officer on Wednesday and I want to be as clued up as possible about what regiments I could possibly join.
  5. stinker

    stinker LE

    Here you go....

    The Arrsepedia listing is shockingly enough more accurate than the MoD website - well done the MoD and RLC PR team ...sigh.

    IIRC all of the Regiments listed on Arrsepedia require Pte drivers with the exception of 11 (one post only), 23 the glorious Pioneers and possibly 29.

    Choices, doubt you'll have much luck, bar the one on your posting preference which will probably be ignored. Generally you get sent where your needed, always been the case for me anyhow.
  6. CH512O

    CH512O LE

    You can forget a certain Aldershot based Transport Regt unless your from Nepal!
  7. mattrlc

    mattrlc Old-Salt

    most people coming through phase 2 now are all being sent off to Germany for there first posting.
  8. Bottleosmoke

    Bottleosmoke Guest

    As it always should be..
  9. CH512O

    CH512O LE

    Exactly, get all those drink induced hazy morning parades done with early on in your career, then go back to UK wondering why the block is empty on weekends and spend the remaining 3yrs wishing you were back there.
  10. Bottleosmoke

    Bottleosmoke Guest

    3 years? Try most of your career but find that those out there are hogging the best jobs and raking in loads of money.............

    But I am not bitter because then I got SSSA and FIA for 2 postings on the trot!
  11. marinamoonmunkee

    marinamoonmunkee Old-Salt

    My son has just finished basic at Pirbright and is going to Leconfield on Sunday for his phase 2 driver training. After that he will be joining 33 sqd at Abingdon.
  12. Oh dear. Possibly the worst (against some pretty stiff competition) sqn in the RLC.
  13. Bottleosmoke

    Bottleosmoke Guest

    Well give him some mumly and BoS advice and toe the line up there, pass his tests and get to his unit as soon as possible.

    If he does that, then one day he could be just like me..............
  14. CH512O

    CH512O LE

    never been to Abingdon, apart from the runway at 3 in the morning during Griffons Focus last year and a Ferrari drive years ago. But within the RLC, i have heard not the best Unit you can go to. But its what you make it.
  15. CH512O

    CH512O LE

    or if he gets some sense and he is a good egg, transfer to the PetOp trade and get to see some real action! :wink: