Joining as a CMT - Combat Medical Technician

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by DonnyLad, Feb 6, 2009.

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  1. Hi Everyone...

    I've handed my medical forms in to my doctor and made it clear that I want them back so I can hand them in myself...

    Is anyone else currently trying to recruit as a CMT?

    Am I right in thinking that RAMC recruits go to Pirbright to do the Phase 1 training?

    Cheers guys and girls :)
  2. Hey! im going in for CMT aswell, yeah ill be going to pirbright as i am female. Have you had your barb and basic skills yet? I've just sent off my app and am waiting to send off my med forms and then i'll have to go sit my barb etc.
  3. Yeh I've done my BARB, I got 83 but from the paperwork my CA gave me you only need 52 for a CMT.

    As I've said I've given my med forms to my doctor and I'm just waiting for them back...

    Do you know if there's many males that go for CMT?
  4. Fingers crossed i do well on my barb, it's more the basic skills i'm worrying about lol. To be honest it's quite a popular and there is always alot of people in for it so i'm sure there will more than likely be plenty males, and as far as i know it's a long waiting list, i spoke to a guy that done selection in january and got his phase 1 date for october!!! But it's a case of if you really want it you will wait!
  5. Yeh I suppose...

    The BARB and the Basic Skills I found pretty easy to be honest...

    I hop I'm not waiting ages cos I really wana get going...

    But if I have to wait then I have to wait...
  6. People may drop out and you get their place, i know what you mean though but you also can really work on your fitness if it's a longer wait than expected.
  7. Yeh that's one good side of having to wait longer...more time to build your fitness...

    Good luck with your BARB and Basic Skills

    If you want you can PM me with your MSN details...
  8. did try adding you but don't know if it worked, i never use msn really lol
  9. Adding me on where?
  10. MSN messenger....?? i think
  11. Send me your addy in a PM and I'll add you :)
  12. hey guys, im doin CMT i start basic on 18th may, good luck with selection etc..
  13. Hey goodluck Phil!!! All the best for you. :)
  14. Yeh...what Michelle said lol
  15. Hey, i'm joining as a CMT, passed selection just over a week ago and waiting for my dates for basic, DonnyLad there are quite a few guys that go for CMT, while i was at selection we got to speak to recruits who where in there 12 week and one of them was going to be a CMT and said there was quite a few that was going for that job.