joining as a as90 gunner

hello :) I have recently handed in my application for for the army. On speaking to my careers advisor he asked what I was wanting to join as I told him "as90 gunner."
he asked me what I know about the role which wasn't a lot he told me I had to go home and find out every thing I can for my first meeting which is Thursday, so I was wondering if any one could help me out with fact and what not about being a as90 gunner preferable before Thursday it would be very much appreciated thank you :D
Why did you say AS90 Gunner if you knew nothing about it?

You will do Pirbright (Ph 1 Basic Training), then Larkhill (Phase 2 Gunner Training), then get sent to a Regiment. You will probably do a Level 2 AS90 qualification and be assigned to a gun. Depending where the Regiment are in their training cycle, you may be training to do AS90 stuff in the UK or Germany - there are Regiments in each - or in Poland, Canada or Czech Republic. Or you may be training for operations, where AS90 gunners re-role to the Light Gun and prepare for a stint in Afghanistan.

As an AS90 Gunner, you will start as a Gun number and increase your skill and knowledge. After a while (18 months - 2years or so) they might put you forward for your first leadership course (Cadre) to prepare you for promotion to Lance Bombadier (LBdr).
If someone sends you a Grid that is, lets say 16 ks away. You must then, for no reason what so ever,take 2ks off it,and scare the shit out of friendly front line troops.

Your welcome.
I fear someones interest comes from a hard on over big guns rather than actual interest in the job... Maybe you should look into Xbox gunner?
AS 90 gunner.

Primary role - to feed huge shels in to the breach of a huge gun all inside a big tank (call it a tank Arty types love this). You will start as a 'number', specifically 3, 4 or 5. IIRC, 5 drives the big tank (Driver), 4 loads the shell component (Loader) and 3 aims the gun (Layer). You may well learn how to maintain various parts of the gun and tank and of course you will have to master ALL of these trades (coming up through the numbers).

When you are good enough you'll become a number 2. Who loads the charge (Loader), mans the GPMG when traveling and helps the number 1 out. When you are better, you get to be a Number 1/turret rat. Who sits in the number 1 chair listening to the radio and drinking mugs of hot/wets. He also gets to push the fire button.

You now get secondary and tertitary roles. Secondary is infantry soldier. You may well get used as foot sloggers or similar. This is particularly common in ops such as Bosnia and Kosovo where the use of heavy tube artillery could be considered not in keeping with the mission. Or Cyprus scenarios where Arty types manned OPs alon ghte Green Line. NI also saw lots of Gunners shouting at each other on the streets of Belfast et al. Again Heavy tube artillery was considered to much in the way of urban regeneration.

Tertiary role can be al manner of things but the big one seems to be UAV. Flying little aircraft about to look at things.

You will receive training in these extra roles as and when you require them, to the standards required.
thank you for all the information. I did actually know quiet a bit about the role but my mind just went blank with the nerves, now I am just trying to find out as much as I can so when put on the spot again I will hopefully be able to remember more information
No. It is under consideration to reduce the AS90 fleet, but you will see no difference to how a unit works. Forthcoming changes to regiments will see AS90 regiments change from three batteries (like a company sized unit - about 100 blokes) to two AS90 batteries and one light gun battery. This reflects the recent operational need for lt gun, but also makes each regiment more flexible. They will also gain an extra tac group battery (forward observers - the guys that spot the targets and call in fire) to ensure they are best matched to the units they support.

Basically, although one Royal Artillery regiment (40 regt) is about to disband and go into suspended animation, we won't "lose" any man power or equipment.

Of course, that is all true until the next round of cuts, but if you cut AS90, you need a 155mm alternative and a lt gun or alternative. One proposal is to use the british made M777 lightwieght 155mm as used by the US Army, Marines and Canadians - it could deliver 155 punch for almost 105 flexibility (but not quite). It's not a perfect solution though as we wouldn't have an armoured gun any more to support tanks and the M777 is too heavy for our tiny helicopter fleet.
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