Hi Everyone, I've read through ARRSE over the last few months and it has provided a wealth of knowledge already so thank you! I have a few questions that I was hoping some of you might be able to help with please:

1) I would like to join the Reserves as a Medical Support Officer, my local Reserve Unit Centre has a detachment from a Medical Regiment based there so that is a great starting point. What would your experience be in the role of Medical Support Officer in the Reserves, what is the "day job", training, drill nights looking like?

2) What is the likelihood of being sent on operations (either at home or overseas), I have no issue with this, but it's useful to know when "selling" this opportunity to my current employer.

3) What is the relationship like between Regulars and Reserves? Is it very much regardless of the Regular/Reserve status you are a part of the Regiment/Corp or a "them and us" mentality? A silly question but is a rank-a-rank, regardless of being a regular or reserve.

4) What are the opportunities for professional development and promotion within this role. Is it something that can happen quite quickly, or is it a slower process being the Reserves when compared to the Regulars.

5) from a practical point of view: how long can the training Modules (1 to 4) typically take to complete, and what is their duration?

6) How long could I expect the recruiting/start-up process to take from submitting the application, attesting, starting training, commission, and then "starting the day job". I understand that this varies, year to year, role to role, but a ballpark idea of the process would be great.

7) Any hints and tips or bits of info that you would offer, that you wouldn't have necessarily thought of yourself at the very early stage of applying to the Reserves?
1 - Training night you might give a lesson to recruits or other bods about med issues every couple of months. On weekends you'd be walking round with the Officers and Seniors waiting for someone to need your help.

2 - Every so often an email will come through offering a opportunties to volunteer. The last one I had was helping in Romania for 3 weeks with the regs. Don't worry too much about your employer, they dont worry about you in my experience.

3 - The regulars I've met have been great, very welcoming, I think everyone knows that reservists don't get the training or experience of regulars so aren't going to be as good but make up for it with common sense and life/civvy trade experience.

7 - Its a long process, stick with it, things move slow but its worth it.