Joining army Reserves before joining Royal Marines?


I'm looking to join the Royal Marines full time, however need to get my fitness up and clear debts before I take that commitment.

Is it worthwhile joining the Army reserves (no RM Reserves within a travelable distance) in my spare time to earn extra money to clear off debts, before leaving to join the royal marines?

Will this impact the RM application?

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Forgot to include it in my actual post, there are no RMR sites near to me.

I don't think it would count against you from the RM perspective, they would expect you to start from day 1 week 1 and you would need to bite your tongue if you were ever tempted to say "but this is how the Army does it". The AR, if you let them know about this plan, might wonder why they were investing in training you if you had no plans to stick around on their trained strength afterwards.

I assume you have researched the pay of the AR before deciding that this would be an efficient means of clearing debts... And you understand that most AR fitness is done on your own time anyway...


Unless your potential entry date for the RM is several years away, I wouldn't bother. It could take up to a year to get through the joining and medical process and to the point where you would be doing anything useful/interesting.

If you want to clear debt, take a second job doing anything (legal)!) to earn money. Get fit in your spare time through following a well structured fitness regime, being careful to avoid injury.

That said, as an OC I never had a problem with people who joined the AR with the full intention of going on to regular training. It was in support of recruitment (good thing), and life changes so some who fully intended to leave never did so.

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I would agree with The Duke. I bet if you join the TA, or whatever they are called now you will end up in the Army... LOL do not forget you can do the Army Commando course too. Get a trade & get your commando dagger on your arm. However i think if you´re set on the RM Commandos i would myself just concentrate on that goal.

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How could you not pay your debts while in the Royal marines?. You won't need to spend much, if any, while in training.
I don't think they are doing to signing up bonus for joining the reserves any more and the pay is rubbish, especially as a recruit.


RM are definitely a great bunch of lads. But very, very different from the standard Army Reserve unit. If you're in Greater London, check out the Honourable Artillery Company for non-standard soldiering.

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