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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Quarter_Turn, Feb 17, 2007.

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  1. I'm looking to join the Army as a sniper. I'm a pretty good shot and i can map-read well and judge distances. So i think that i could achieve it; but i don't know how to start finding out about recruitment and stuff.

    I'd be really gratefull if someone could help me. I'm 15 so i've still got my GCSE's to come and stuff, so right now my options are pretty open.

  2. Sniping is a specialization that you can do after being in the infantry for a few years. Check out the Army's recruitment website for more information on the job of an infantry soldier.
    Good Luck young 'un!!
  3. Firstly you'll have to join an infantry unit. Preferably a unit that sees the potential snipers can bring to the battlefield and has a dedicated sniper platoon. Once in your new unit, you'll then have to get a few years experience under your belt in a rifle coy platoon. Once you know the ropes so to speak, then apply to become a sniper and do the sniper course.
  4. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Used to be a requiremnt in my mob that you made marksman 3 years on the trot on the APWT. Not forgetting class 1 infantry soldier. That was until we went to the Falklands in 85 and no suitable volunteers could be found. It was snowing after all!
    The best thing was all the youngsters that volunteered and worked their sacks of for 6 weeks on Black Rincon were wasting thier time as there was no Master Sniper or whatever to test them so they werent allowed to badge. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
    I found religion instead, ok it was the bar but I used to wake up crying to god to get me a new life!
  5. You been practicing in Peckham recently?
  6. Does it make a difference if i enter in as an officer after Sandhurst? Or are the Army not willing to give up trained officers to become snipers?
  7. FR regiments have trained snipers.Before anyone says they are not to the same standard as the Infantry snipers,I must add that now all Snipers are trained out side the regiment.Thus ensuring all snipers meet the same standard,also the final stalk/test is taken by a visiting sniper instructor.

    To sum up, the infantry are not the only soldiers to have trained snipers.of course Infantry soldiers do have a sight advantage when it comes to field craft prior to starting the course, however the stardard required to pass is the same. Maybe worth looking at an FR regiment as another option.
  8. I don't think Officers are ever sniper trained whilst Officers, as they would be extremely unlikely to do the job of a sniper.

    If you want to be a sniper, listen to Fally and Pave.

    If you want to be an Officer, then be an Officer.

    Best of luck whichever route you choose.

  9. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    There is normally an OC Snipers which in my time has been run either by OC Recce or on occasion Int Offr both of whom were badged and excellent shots in their own right. However they were planning, not sniping. The shooting job is left to Ptes and LCpls.

    If you want to be a sniper, join the Inf, prove yourself good enough to get to Recce and a good enough shot to be let out by yourself. Then you might get the chance to snipe
  10. I must add I am not a sniper ,I am in a SQN with plenty of them and if you have any questions they are only MSN away.Now if you want to go to war in style become an FAC ''Hardest man on the battlefield''
  11. what's an FAC?
  12. Its a CAS fluffer
  13. I have always been told that RM are the best snipers in the UK armed forces?

    They even have UKSF guys on the RM sniper course apparently

    I think this is because CTCRM have all sniper students learn at the source as opposed to Army sniping courses which have run 'in house' hence the standard difference??
  14. Stop digging up 2 year old threads and trolling. You ask bone questions and don't appear to be anything other than dull and wander around asking more daft questions. Please stop - your brain can't keep up.
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