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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by chris1976, Jan 25, 2008.

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  1. Just a quick question, are there many people of my age 31..32 next week that you know have joined up? or have they tried but failed to get in due to their fitness levels not being up to scratch. Just curious as i haven't seen anyone on here my age thinking of joining..It's starting to make me think that perhaps i am over the hill (even though im still eligable to join) and the training is going to be a lot lot harder.

  2. Just had a new lad from Phase 2 turn up and he was 30... ;) It shouldn't bother you, as long as your upto standard you'll be fine.
  3. Well picture this, you'll have a successful career for 2 weeks, retire, and then have tea and medals :lol:
  4. What are you talkiing about Lili_Marlene
  5. just about to ask the same
  6. there was a 32 year old fella at my selection, he got into the footguards, only just missed out on the para's run time
  7. Hmm, this post made me feel a lil better about joining up. I'm 29 ;)
  8. Just to chip in on this, but i was talking to a young mate of mine yesterday currently going for 4 Para (got P Coy in April). He has 4 blokes on his cadre at Pudsey in their 40's. I near shat a clump when he told me. One is 44 & ex crabs, another is 42 & former GB athlete (so has fitness), there is also an ex 10 Para lad & ex 3 Para both in their 40's. For those re-joining the fitness level is lower with a 10 miler in 2hrs with 38lb kit + gatt.