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Hi All

My 1st post to the boards; looking for a wee bit of info if poss.

I'm ex-regs (LCpl, out nearly 7 years) and am looking at joining the TA as AGC(ETS); can anyone tell me what the min requirements are? I have a BA (ordinary degree) with distinction, HND, HNC, NC, NVQ Level 2, 1 x Scottish Higher, and 8 x Scottish Standard Grades.

Help much appreciated.

As far as I'm aware, agc (ets) TA officers are linguists only. You'll certainly need a good degree (2:1) as the current DETS(A) is pretty strict on that. Why don't you ring the ETS recruitment officer, you can get his number from the AGC recruitment webpage.
I had a read through various TA recruting stuff last night and as far as I am aware and can work out there are no proper AGC (ETS) officer posts in the TA, that someone who is not an ex regular ETS officer can apply for.

CVHQ AGC run the linguist pool and I understand those who join who do not already have another cap badge are badged ETS. However they are not really ETS officers just wearing the badge doing a linguist job.

There are some ex regular ETS officers in other parts of the TA, such as Joint CIMIC Group and CVHQ(RA) Watchkeepers Pool.

I think you should think again about what you want to do in the TA.
There is an AGC ETS(V) comprising: Learning Dvpt Offrs (LDOs), Linguists, Cultural Awareness and Offr Tutors. I am ex TA Infantry and am now an ETS badged offr and an LDO attached to an AEC Group where I mainly teach on Regular CLM courses. We are administered by CRHQ AGC based at Worthy Down. Main contact for potential offrs (and WOs too) is through D Ed Cap at Andover. Contacts are at
I was recently made aware of ETS(R) and my ears pricked up. What is the upper age limit for currently serving (ex- reg current res). It say 35 on MOD website but I think thats more aimed at civvies and surely can't be set in stone.

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