Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Puppet, Jul 29, 2007.

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  1. First, background.

    Joined TA some years back, did three years. Third year was with an OTC unit, and thats the point I drifted away. Never quite managed to feel even remotely atached to the unit. I didn't really enjoy it, the half hearted attitude, the obsession with socialising.

    So I let my enlistment lapse, moved away. Eventualy returned my gear, before sodding off to a place very, very far away.

    Am now 25, thinking of returning to the uk.

    Should I rejoin?

    I suspect that my eyesight is now below the required standards. But I still wear the same glasses as I did, 7 years ago. I suspect I was too blind to begin with!

    Fitness wise, I could run my old self into the ground.

    Is it the same organisation?

    Would there be issues with me having left once? And the way I did?

    Would I need to go through all the same basic training? (sorry, I'll rephrase - would I have those fun fun weekends repeated?)

    Would I remain an Officer Cadet or go back to Private? Is there a choice?

    Sure there's something else I should ask....

    Oh yes, any other advice?
  2. msr

    msr LE

    Speak to your local unit
  3. They are still about 4000 miles away from here.
  4. You got a phone dont you????

    As for your other questions:

    1) You should only re-join if you really want to!
    2) Your eyesight shouldn't be a problem unless you are Hubert Farnsworth or Mr Magoo...
    3) As long as you can run 1.5 miles(2.4km) in under 10mins 30 secs. Do 50 odd situps in 2 mins and 50 odd press ups in 2 mins you'll be fine.
    4) The Army never changes, just look at the history books!
    5) Just be upfront when you finally visit your local unit, tell em why etc and there should be no problems. Don't bu!!s?t em though.
    6) At 25 you could still be an officer, but you would have to play with the grown ups, none of that OTC "socialising" malarky. If your up for the challenge go for it.
    7) Your best bet to take the advice of MSR, call your local unit. Visit
    or call 08457300111

    Hope this is helpful and good luck.
  5. That's OK. Most of my lot look like they're from a place between 56,000,000 Miles and 399,000,000 Miles from here.

    That's the distance to Mars if anyone is interested

    Do you know where in the UK you're coming back to? Do you have any specialist skills? Do you want to do the same thing as your day job or the opposite?

    Ask yourself these sorts of questions then pick up the blower (is it possible to E-mail for TA locations and stuff?).
  6. I've no skills they'd want - programing isn't in high demand in the forces.

    Not entirely sure where yet - but to me, the fun was always in the group, going somewhere green, the odd beasting...
  7. that comming from a bloke with comedy teeth and an ear that could be used as a sail on a round the world yacht race is very rich :D
  8. puppet said

    Really, it was when I was in. That's what I did...
  9. AH,

    sorry. That was the Regulars, not the TA.

  10. isn't there reserve coder unit in case all the reg ones rm -f /root/ them selfs :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D