joining after im 17 got few things to ask

Hi im new to this site

Im 16 years old and 17 on 30th july so not long and im joing the army after im 17 ive been for my interview and all ive got to do now is ring them back up i want to go into the infantry but ive started to think about the military police i just wanted to ask if you need any good gcses for it and do the military police do the same stuff as the infantry as well?
My friend said the military police are shit and dont fight like the rest of the soldiers in the infantry??? :( but he knows nothing
well that sucks because i did really really bad in maths and english and im bad at maths and kind of bad at english looks like infantry it is.
What types of stuff can i do in the infantry?

Thanks for your help
Canale - I wouldn't get too stressed about the GCSEs bit for the RMP: what you do need is a good brain and verbal comprehension and writing skills. A GCSE is just a bit of paper so don't let it distract you. Out of interest, the RMP, along with the Int Corps and the Bomb Disposal people, take the most trainable folks - note not necessarily the ones with the most gucci piece of paper. If you want to be a member of the RMP, give it a whirl.

However, be quite clear that there is a world of difference between military policing and being in the Infantry. Whilst there is an aspiration towards everyone in the Army being a 'soldier first' the simple fact remains that if every capbadge were to actually do that, no-one would achieve anything apart from running around with little bags around their waists shouting "Bang!"" in an aggressive manner. If you are really really keen on the Infantry, go the whole hog and join the Parachute Regiment = lots of tours and they really are a good bunch: unpretentious, highly proficient and capable.

I think the message here is "don't let anyone on ARRSE dissuade you". Whatever you choose, good luck.
canale said:
Ok thanks
What would you say the fitness level is for the paras

ADSC (Selection Centre).

Parachute Reg Applicants.

1.5 mile run: 9minutes 18seconds.

However if you perform well on the muscular tests i.e. - heaves, static lift e.t.c the allowance for the time is exceeded to : 9minutes 40seconds.

However If you WERE to consider the parachute reg the ADSC is not a true representation of how tough it is at all, when you get to phase 1 (if), the level of fitness required from you jumps dramatically. From the breifing I have had from my ADSC I have been told to expect the toughest 14 weeks of my life. So you would not only need excellent preparation physically, but prepare yourself mentally.

Can't give you huge specifics (because I havn't started phase 1 yet) but seeing as your at the stage of going for ADSC after your initial interviews I hope that helps. Sorry I can't be more specific with what they require from you for the muscular tests, but because I am quite a heavy set guy my readouts from the static lifts were pretty good, so they allowed an extension of up to 9minutes 40 seconds for my 1.5 mile.

But just in case you do decide to go for the Parachute Reg here are a few things I did;

- buy a cheap chin up bar, this helped me out loads when it came to the heaves!
- try not only running 1.5 miles but take it up to 2 - 2.5 miles so that when you get to ADSC you can really push yourself faster at the end and collect those valuable seconds.
- Mix a good hill run into your training, when you get to the selection centre you will find that your running track is pretty much flat all the way, and you will be able to carry yourself round much more easily.

You said that you were interested in the Infantry which is why I wrote this, hope it helps, and good luck to you. If you pass you will be as chufft as ****!!!!

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