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I took the option to DAOR last year, and im now interested in joining up again. A question i have is, do i have to go through all the months of recruiting again? Or seeing as they already have my details, is it a matter of doing a medical/fitness test and the letter to Glasgow followed by basic? And would this be the case for the TA also? I still have a couple of months to wait before im allowed to rejoin the Regulars.

I would ask my AFCO, but i feel that iv called them up one to many times in the past, when i failed to recieve any discharge documents. I dont want to walk in and have them think 'oh here's that c*nt who wont stop asking questions', so i figured id ask here.

Any info would be much appreciated, i tried the search but i was either to stupid to do it right, or the question hadnt been asked.

What is DAOR?

Man it up and go in to the AFCO. You´ll have to go through them anyway if you want to try again.

The question, why should they let you have another bite of the cherry? Why did you leave the last time?

Too hard?


Girllfreind trouble, but now she has left you, you thought you´d try for the Army again?
discharge as of right.

if i was looking at your case file i'd ask why you want back in?? i take it you didnt hack phase one or if so you left just before being 18??

i'd really question your worth but i'm sure they'll have you.
Yes your probably right, maybe i should just try and get things started earlier, if i can.

"Too hard?


Girllfreind trouble, but now she has left you, you thought you´d try for the Army again?"

Those are the general reasons, i did find it hard, and i did get homesick. I only did up to week 10 though, i asked to move over to an engineering job, but unfortunatly didnt have any qualifications to speak of, it was either go into the RAC and ask to do some courses to get up to scratch on maths and science then transfer, or DAOR for a year and get them myself. I wish i had just stayed in, but i left.
I take it you haven´t got any extra quals since leaving?
chocolate_frog said:
I take it you haven´t got any extra quals since leaving?
Failed Maths short course, got D for science. So your right, i have nothing worth showing for a waster year.

But i think it may have opened up at least one or two extra options, i like to think anyway.
Yes thats somthing i have to be sure about, i definatly am interested in being in the military, although there are a few types of jobs i dont perticularly feel suits me, the life is what i want.
If you didnt finish Phase One then it will be back to week one for you mate!
If the Army life is for you, but you´re still lacking the formal educational quals for the job you want. How about, you join up anyway and use the Individual Learning Credita nd the Enhanced Learning Credits to get better quals.

There is always the option of retrading at a later date.

But be sure that it is what you want to do.
Thats what i was offered to do in the first place, i should have accepted it in hindsight. Thats what im going to have to do, if im accepted back i may end up in a job i enjoy anyway, with a choice on top of that.

Thanks for all the info and motivation.
i never got the answer on here do i have to go to selection again if i daord?
because i daord 2 weeks ago but i definitly want to go back just after i got the school quals required for my favourite job

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