Joining after an op.


Have got well and truly fed up of life out here and am looking to join. Preferably the AAC as groundcrew but am looking at my options.

Trouble is I have had a shoulder reconstruction after dislocating it playing rugby a number of times. I went to the AFCO and the Sgt was a bit unsure.

Does anyone happen to know how long I would have to wait providing I am fit?

Also open to any other idea's about trades.


Get the ACIO to arrange an assessment, until you know the outcome of this you don't know if you'd get in or not.

With respect to Trades, think long term. What skills are most useful, you have to balance this with a job you like the look of and one which your able to do. Pick a few and look at good/bad points.
Thanks for the reply Cow :)

What is an ACIO? Not too sure, had a look on the ArrsePedia but it isn't on there.

The Sgt from Brum, gave me a few brochures for the RLC, RE, AAC and RA.
Army Careers Information Office, probably changed names though to AFCO now! Take a look through the Army Website, try to find a location within the forces you'd like to work in. May make it a bit easier to cut down the options.

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