Joining after an admin discharge (agai 67) from the TA?

In response to the above question ive been given a range of answers, yes, no and after x amount of years, and possibly straight away if references etc were good.

Can anyone give me an answer or even better a reference (din jsp etc)

the discharge would be under AGAI 67 misconduct, and would be a first disciplinary problem
More info reqired: Were you discharged from the Regular Army under AGAI 67 or the TA ?
If you're getting Agai'd from a TA unit, you must have really f**ked up. Regardless of DIN's etc no recruiter in his right mind would look at you in the short term for a regular unit. If you are not discharged yet and intend on going regular, I suggest you get on bended knee to you unit and grovel for forgiveness, then get you application in quickly.
The reality is that you will not be discharged under AGAI 67 - that is just the means of dealing with your frailty. The authority for discharge remains QRs. You should be told which para of QRs you are being discharged under and that will determine your future employability within the Army.
Proximo said:
So what you're saying is that the TA doesn't want you, so you thought you'd see if the Regular Army does?
Which is a refreshingly alternative view to the one we (the TA) usually get ;)

whitenoisebabies said:
as yet not discharged just it looks like i may be discharged from the TA and wish to join the regular army, it is not a CDT fail or drugs related.
If you want a serious answer I think you need to be specific. So far you are as clear as mud.

34. Soldier Discharge. Major Administrative Action Reports in which the Originating Officer recommends discharge of a soldier are to have an AF B 130A as Flag G of the Administrative Report. The AF B 130A will be completed as the file is staffed through the chain of command. The authority for soldier discharge under QR 9.403, 9.404 or 9.405 is
the Deciding Officer as laid down in Appendix 1 to this Annex. The authority for soldier discharge under QR 9.414 is DM(A) . Many applications for discharge under these Queens Regulations are not part of the AGAI 67 Major Administrative Action process at all.

35. Soldier Discharge Authorities. Where DM(A) is the authority for discharge in a case processed by AGAI 67 action, the Deciding Officer of the case remains as set out in Appendix 1 to this Annex. It is the Deciding Officer who decides whether the case has been properly investigated and whether the Service Test has been breached. However, whereas in other cases the Deciding Officer also authorises the sanction, in the case where the recommendation is dismissal of a soldier under QR 9.414 or TA Regs 5.191, it is DM(A) that has the final decision on discharge. Should DM(A) not authorise the discharge recommended, he will inform the Deciding Officer with a recommendation that a lesser sanction be applied. The Deciding Officer will then re-consider the sanction to be applied.

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