Joining AFC Harrogate with good GCSEs

I am 16 and i want to join the army, im thinking of joining throught the afc harrogate route but im not sure cuz im expected good grades for GCSEs so is it the right option for me? Should i do A levels, im not really interested but isit a better choice what kind of qualifications do you get in AFC Harrogate?
Look again at what you have posted here and at how you have written it.

I suspect you are on course to achieve 'C' grades at GCSE.

If you are not particularly interested in doing 'A' levels then I suggest that you don't start them as there is a considerable gap between GCSE level and 'A' levels.

If you seriously want to join the Army then visit your local recruitment office and ask them to tell you all about your options, including AFC Harrogate.
Ho Ho ho! this is more common than you might think...

You can still go along to the recruitment office and make inquiries, but if you actually want to start an application to join. Then you will certainly need parental consent.

When you are over 18 years of age, this will no longer apply. However, in the meantime its recommended that you have a full and frank discussion with your parents about joining up. So put aside your nervousness and raise the subject with them.
I joined the RAF at 16 and it was without a doubt the best thing I ever did. If you honestly think you want to join the army I'd go to the local careers office, find out as much info as you can about the regiments you're interested in and what will be involved at AFC. If after all this you still think it's a good idea sit down with your parents and be honest. They'll most like be proud of you, just make sure you think it through. So many people join at that age and it's such a culture shock.

Whatever you choose to do good luck buddy.
I joined 9 days after my 16th birthday (actually enlisted when I was still 15 but they could do that in Scotland back in 85). As someone has previously mentioned, it was also the best move for me. I left school with only a few O levels, but 2 years later was a qualified electrician.
As you're under 18 you'll need your parents permission. So get chatting to them. Good luck.
Look at Welbeck DSFC.
Welbeck is actually doing A levels....but its certainly different than a normal 6th form. I suspect you might have missed the boat for Welbeck as it has quite a strict timeline for applications. My son applied and got to the last 100 plus. He attended AFC instead doing a technical role on the short course with 12 GSCEs grade B or above. He loved it. He's still serving.
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