Joining AAC with fixed wing ATPL?

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by stab23, Jan 2, 2009.

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  1. Hello,

    I'm a civvie fixed-wing pilot (CPL/IR/ME). Before getting into aviation, I did a SSC with the slime, then five years in the TA infantry.

    Given all the "overstretch" I recently went back to the TA to ask about rejoining as a squaddie, but apparently at 42 I am considered "too old" for infantry selection.

    I therefore wondered if my quals might be any use to AAC? I know that civvie pilots are crap, AAC is inundated with candidates, and AAC TA recently disbanded etc. But I have a fair bit of time on Islanders and King Airs, and the cost of training me in AAC procedures/tactics on (say) King Air is likely to be small compared to training an ab-initio pilot. I already have a reasonable idea how to do all the soldiering part of the job. Is this worth a shot? I'd happily rejoin full time if there was a path within the system to do this.
  2. At that age I don't think you will stand a chance, sorry old boy!
  3. Unusual age, yes, but in some ways it is an advantage. I've been around the block, I know I can hack it, I would bring experience from other areas of my career that a youngster would not be able to offer. I am still fitter than most youngsters too (anyone fancy a cross-country skiing race?) If I had an Australian passport I could join the Australian Army Aviation service as aircrew up to age 49!

    So why do we exclude candidates older than 26? A fair few of them join just to get the hours for a civvy flying career, whereas I am motivated because I love the army and am bringing with me my civvy hours and qualifications.

    There was an article in the Times recently about a no-previous experience civvy doctor who at age 56 had volunteered for the TA, done Sandhurst, and then a tour in Afghanistan. So why can't the army take on a pre-qualified pilot, especially one with some soldiering experience and hours on army aircraft?
  4. Well, instead of asking on a forum for advice, then arguing the advice you are given. Why don't you call the AAC and ask? Then you will get the answer.

    Not meant to start an argument, just advice.
  5. The Doctor thing if slightly different, the army has also pushed for more medically trained blokes (look at GW1, they employed loads, including a dentist from my home town who was a crusty)

    We in the Corps have several blokes with civvy flying quals and it has made no difference to their career (lots not in a flying role)
  6. Stab23 - see PM.
  7. Stab, regardless of what blobby may say, you might actually have a chance. You may be aware that the AAC is rather short of fixed wing chaps and I know of at least one case of a total civvy being taken on by the AAC to fulfil a fixed wing job within Army aviation. He aint no spring chicken either. :wink:
  8. I joined the AAC at 46, if you have the skills they need at the time then you should/could stand a chance.
  9. The latest edition of Janes defence Weekly states that the MoD have finally confirmed that the Shadow R1 (the new King Air 350 variant) will be operated by the 5(AC) Sqn from RAF Waddington alongside Sentinel. Unfortunately therefore, there is unlikely to be much opportunity for AAC pilots to get on it.

    However, Defender will stay with the AAC.

  10. MM, just remind the audience what the AC bit means in the '5(AC)' Sqn? :wink:
  11. Army Cooperation!

    I'd have thought a man of your experience would have known that Flash!! :D

    Now stop sulking!!!
  12. Do you know who will operate the DA42's the MOD procured on a UOR? There are apparently already 2 or 3 in operation, and somebody on Pprune discovered that there up to six or seven more on order. My guess is that they will be used in ISTAR role, so maybe an opportunity for AAC pilots on them?
  13. That's all well and good, Timex, but you had some useful background experience, didn't you. :D
  14. Don't believe everything you read on PPRUNE (or here for that matter).

    If you want to go fixed wing, I'd look to the Aussies stab.
  15. DA42, I hope they have put a more reliable, robust engine on it than the Thielert which is standard fit? :roll: